Supernatural spin-off in the works

Robert Singer

Executive Producer Robert Singer let loose at SDCC with something I don’t think any of us knew about yet: a ‘Supernatural’ spin-off in the works.


During the press room round-table interviews for Supernatural today, Executive Producer Bob Singer mentioned something sort of in passing that surprised the hell out of everyone at our table: a Supernatural spin-off was being developed, the premise to be introduced in the upcoming ninth season.

From the sound of things, we will learn the take-off point of this new series at around the 2oth episode of the new season. Showrunner Jeremy Carver was extremely tight-lipped on providing more details, as was Mark Sheppard (“Spin-off? What spin-off?”) Doug Jean of had a really good theory on the premise: Men of Letters. When Carver discussed seeing more of the Men of Letters in season nine, including a flashback to the bunker’s origin, he was genuinely excited — it makes sense that could work really well into a spin-off.

Singer did note that Sam and Dean would “appear” in the spin-off, but ultimately it would be a new set of characters.

Any ideas of what you’d want to see? A Crowley spin-off? Bobby?

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One Comment on “Supernatural spin-off in the works

  1. This would be tricky. So much of what people love about Supernatural is the relationship between the brothers and I don’t know if they can capture that for a spin off. It’s understandable because Supernatural is one of the few true, reliable hits for the CW. Personally, I’d go for a Castiel spinoff. The character is well liked. Misha is quite popular and it could work.