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The Big Bang Theory – Stan Lee courts Sheldon Cooper

Was it even necessary for Stan Lee to appear in this episode to make it great?

- Season 3, Episode 16 - "The Excelsior Acquisition"

Stan Lee on The Big Bang Theory

“This is going to look great hanging next to my restraining order from Leonard Nimoy!” – Sheldon Cooper

My, I can’t remember when we last saw a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. Well, I can, but it’s been weeks. You’d think the Winter Olympics stopped all life as we know it on other channels. At least we got a Stan Lee bit … a very bitty bit, in this first new episode in eons. I don’t think Stan Lee looks any older than the last time I saw him about fifteen years ago. I wish I could say the same for me

Stan Lee’s appearance was more hyped than anything else, though. I was a bit let down as I wanted to see our BBT boys interact with him, fanboys that they are. Alas, it wasn’t to be. One of the other storylines involved Raj’s musical shirt. Tacky, inappropriate, annoying … I want one! I’d like go a bit more covert with it than Raj as I do have a reputation to maintain.

Actually, Raj got quite a bit of airplay tonight. He was also the only one who wanted to question Stan Lee about the alliteration in all of his character’s names. You know, he does have a point! Due to his questioning (comic book) authority, he was the only one who didn’t get Stan Lee’s traditional “Excelsior!” on his autograph.

But the real kicker is that Fanboy Supreme Sheldon never even got to go to the signing at the comic book shop. Instead, he went to jail all because he ran a red light back when he drove Penny to the hospital some episodes back. Now, a confrontation between Sheldon and a traffic cop would be fun to watch. But he was just as Sheldon-esque with the judge — thus ending up in jail.

Guilt-ridden Penny finagled Stan Lee’s address from Stuart and brought Sheldon to see him. Sheldon thought he was an invited guest. Stan Lee thought otherwise. Was the Sheldon face-to-face with Stan Lee the highlight of the episode for me? Nope. The highlights for me were Sheldon telling the really big dude on the prison cell bench that he was in his spot or else his exclamation that he’s hanging up Stan Lee’s application for a restraining order on the wall next to his restraining order from Leonard Nimoy.

Did we even really need Stan Lee to appear? Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to “The Big Bang Theory – Stan Lee courts Sheldon Cooper”

March 8, 2010 at 2:43 AM

I really thought it would be one of those celebrity appearances in which they’re referred to, but are never actually seen or heard on screen.

For those who want to spend entirely too much money on the personal soundtrack shirt, it is being sold in real life.