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Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center


Make It or Break It – No last minute reprieve

‘Make It or Break It’ crawled to the end of its third chapter (that’s season two part one for the rest of us) with a severe ratcheting up of drama. Do we really need to be making soap operas for pre-teens?

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – Meet Bambi

For those of you who saw both, last night’s election speeches reminded me of the episode of ‘The Middle’ when Brick ran for school historian and gave a killer speech at the election assembly.

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – Daddy’s home

In a surprising turn of events, ‘Make It or Break It’ delivered a halfway decent episode last night. Still not back to form, but it’s all about baby steps.

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – At least Kaylie hasn’t been hospitalized yet

I’m nearing the end of my rope with ‘Make It or Break It’, as the show’s unnecessary ratcheting up of the drama has turned it into something it was never meant to be: ordinary.

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – What would all those Olympians be doing in Colorado?

It’s one thing for you and me to get excited at the sight of a champion athlete, but I would have thought that Payson, of all people, would have been indifferent to their charms. Wouldn’t she want to join them before meeting them?

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – Has Emily never seen Bring It On?

Even though she’s trying my patience with her whole “doubting Debbie” routine, Payson remains the one bright spot on what was once a really solid ensemble show.

by Aryeh S.

Make It or Break It – Oh how the mighty have fallen

Are you happy with the show that ‘Make It or Break It’ has become? Or should I read from your silence this season that you’ve already abandoned ship?

by Aryeh S.