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Young Frankenstein – The week that was

As 'Young Frankenstein Week' comes to a close, here's a little synopsis of what took place in case you missed anything ...

And there you go.

Young Frankenstein Week on CliqueClack Flicks is a wrap.

It’s been nothing but days and days of black & white nostalgia where some of the CliqueClack writers’ favorite comedy is concerned … and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

… wait … wait … What? You may have missed a post during the week? Well, we have simple remedy for that! Below is a synopsis of what took place over the past seven days. If you see something you didn’t catch, just click the link:

In the off chance you’ve never seen this terrific film, by all means: Procure it, grab some popcorn and enjoy the romp. It’s Young Frankenstein for Pete’s sake … one of a handful of films which should absolutely not — under any circumstances — be left off your “must see movies” queue.

Thanks for joining us! Hope you had fun!


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