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Twitter: Gudlyf
Bio: I'm the founder of the CliqueClack network. I was editor for Aol's TV Squad for three years, having also written for several other blogs in the Weblogs, Inc. network. I'm also a full-time IT Manager for a web company in Massachusetts.

Posts by Keith McDuffee

Amber Benson screens Dust Up at SDCC

Amber Benson stars in a little film called ‘Dust Up’, screened for a small group of us at this year’s Comic-Con. I, for one, walked out pleasantly surprised.

The Hobbit – At what point in the story will the movie split?

I gave Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ another read recently, paying much attention to where in the story might be the best place to split it into two movies. It’s not as easy a task as I thought.

Why do found-footage movies like Chronicle still work?

The “found footage” (aka, shaky cam) format of filming isn’t something new, but the past few years have had their share of them. At what point do we get tired of it?

With Prometheus, will an Alien prequel ruin the coolness of the unknown?

There are times when an origin story just doesn’t need to be told. As cool as the trailer for ‘Prometheus’ looks, could it be that learning the background to what the aliens are or where they came from might ruin a good thing?

Killer Blog From Cyberspace: Robocop

In ‘Killer Blog From Cyberspace’ I post my thoughts about messed up B-movie horror, and weirdo, shocking slasher flicks. This week: ‘Robocop’. Yes, ‘Robocop’.

Killer Blog From Cyberspace – The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

I’m blowing the dust off an old Cinematical column of mine, where I post my thoughts about messed up B-movie horror, and weirdo, shocking slasher flicks. Just in time for Halloween!

George Lucas hates science, history, learning and children

I never really understood the burning hatred many have for George Lucas’s changes to the ‘Star Wars’ movies, as they are on the new Blu-ray release of the series … until now.

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