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Smoking hot ribs – Redneck Cooking

Did you grill this 4th of July? Have you thought about smoking ribs for your next outdoor cooking event? Check out my Red Hot Smoked Ribs to find out just how easy it is to make great smoked ribs.

Grilled Chicken – Redneck Cooking

Charcoal still gives the best flavor for backyard grilling. Give the gas grill a break and try my grilled chicken on the charcoal grill for a tasty change to your outdoor cooking.

Did Sasquatch really get Jeff? – Redneck Cooking

Are the internet rumors true? Was Jeff abducted by Aliens? Was he captured by Sasquatch? Read on to find out.

Sausage in a Sleeper – Redneck cooking

Did you love pigs in a blanket as a kid? Then try my sausage in a sleeper for a new favorite.

My Redneck Double Down chicken sandwich – Redneck Cooking

The KFC Double Down is a great sandwich, but try my version to see if it is just as good.

Fried Cabbage – Recipe Test Drive

When the wife’s away, I can take a few liberties with what a healthy meal entails. Hey, it’s cabbage and that’s a vegetable….

Baked beans, Redneck style – Redneck Cooking

Looking for the perfect side dish to go along with the BBQ burgers you are grilling? Try this simple Baked Bean recipe.

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