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Spicy pan-seared shrimp – Feed me!

Way back in May, I wrote about the trials and tribulations of making green salad with shrimp. My favorite version of this salad featured an improvised recipe for spicy pan-seared shrimp. What I didn’t realize was how convenient this method for preparing shrimp would be! This shrimp recipe is quick to prepare and requires little-to-no advance planning. Why so […]

Finding inspiration – Feed me!

Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration. After months of moping around eating takeout, I finally found mine roaming the Union Square Greenmarket last Saturday with my dear sister. We didn’t know what we would find, but we knew it would be good. We weren’t disappointed. Besides the blueberries and strawberries (both awesome, by the […]

What NOT to give your father on Father’s Day – Food Rant

Since my sister has already thought up a great Father’s Day gift for us both (thanks kiddo!), I wondered if I could find some really terrible things that I would never want to give my Dad for Father’s Day. And while it may not be shocking to anyone who has watched any late-night TV in […]

I’m tired of SeamlessWeb – Feed me!

Want to hear something sad? I can’t remember the last time I fired up my stove. Or opened up my fridge to do anything beyond pulling out some takeout leftovers. I’m pretty sure that there are some very sad, wilting vegetables hiding out in my crisper right now, but I can’t bear the thought of […]

Green salad with shrimp and mango, Asian-style – Feed me!

I don’t know why, but all I’m eating these days is salad. Is it the onset of spring? The ease of preparation? Is there something in the greenery my body is craving? I honesty can’t explain it, especially because I make a salad at the salad bar for lunch every single day at work. But […]

Celery sprout and frisee salad two ways – Feed me!

I started writing this post two weeks ago, before a deal ate my life.  But I still remember this salad.  That’s good, right? Between working a lot and traveling weekends these past few weeks, I have spent next to no time in my kitchen. (Though I’ll admit the enormous pile of dirty pots and pans […]

Kimbap – Maki Clack

I always have the best time when my dear friend S. cooks Korean food. I peek over her shoulder constantly, because the flavors and ingredients are so unfamiliar… and delicious! So when S. suggested we make kimbap for dinner one night, I readily agreed, even though I had no idea what it was. It turns […]

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