Grizz Chapman talks 30 Rock’s final season

30 Rock - Season 7

While preparing to hold the fort at booth 658 at New York Comic Con, Grizz Chapman talked about the final season of ’30 Rock,’ his character’s relationship with Liz and the craziest thing a fan did upon meeting him.


I always get excited when I talk to people whose work I respect. I typically feel even more excited when I walk away liking the person after briefly talking to them. Grizz Chapman is one of those people. I’ve enjoyed Grizz Chapman’s portrayal of Tracey Jordan’s second entourage member since day one. Even though he barely spoke, he was never voiceless. In fact, I’d call his hilarious silences more vocal than anything else. I always look forward to his character’s appearance, because I know it will always feature something significant and hilarious. As this is 30 Rock‘s last season, I’m looking forward to what will happen to Grizz’s character.

I caught up with Grizz Chapman before his Saturday booth 658 extravaganza at New York Comic Con. Surprisingly, his favorite part of New York Comic Con surrounds the open acceptance of everyone letting their freak flag fly. If you want to dress like Spider-Man and playfully interact with others, you can do most of that at Comic Con  without any blowback. I think it’s interesting that, like Billy Dee Williams, his most memorable fan is the one who cried upon meeting him. While he calls it the craziest, it was more because it shocked him that he could affect someone that much. This is the thing. I have an ego the size of Montana. If someone cried upon meeting me out of awe, I’d pat myself on the back and say, “Job well done.” But, despite 30 Rock and the opportunities it afforded him, Grizz Chapman’s ego remains in check. He felt more humbled than magnanimous. Clearly, there’s a reason I’m a blogger and he’s a professional actor.

He feels sad about season seven serving as 30 Rock’s last season and feels partially cheated that they only received 13 episodes as opposed to 22. Last year, I approved the 13 episode decision. 30 Rock kept coming up with new ideas, but the energy felt tired. However, this week’s episode reminded me of season one where line after line included a punch, a smack and a snap. Even throwaway lines were comedy gold. Considering how on-fire the writing team feels, I wouldn’t mind seeing more. He admits that he feels choked up and knows most of the cast will showcase teary eyes. They’re mid-way through filming the season and have just finished episode five or six. Grizz’s biggest hope is that fans will go away satisfied and view the finale as setting the standard for season finales. He admits it’s a tall order, but he’s excited all the same.

This week’s episode of 30 Rock reminded me of season one where line after line included a punch, a smack and a snap. Even throwaway lines were comedy gold.

So, what are the new storylines? I’m so glad you asked. In addition to Liz and Jack’s attempt to tank NBC, Liz’s pregnancy journey, Jenna’s marriage, as well as Kenneth and Hazel’s love triangle will all continue to play out. For upcoming guest stars, look for an Olympic swimmer. Grizz wouldn’t say who, but I narrowed it down to two: Ryan (Lochte) and that “other guy.” If you’ve read the Daily Mail, or caught one of the preview commercials, you know it’s Ryan. But, for secret storylines that may or may not happen, we might see reference to Liz and Grizz’s past relationship. If it happened, it could be something sweet like handholding. When I asked if Grizz might father Liz’s baby, he joked that it’s possible Liz could birth a child with a gold chain. And for possible 30 Rock spin-offs, wouldn’t you love to see Grizz and .com help Tracey and the “Queen of Jordan” with the extra child? Could that happen? In my deepest wildest fantasies which I hope will someday come true.

I always love listening to actors indicate awareness of other actors. Grizz admitted he’d love to interact with Betty White, on the show or otherwise. And, who wouldn’t? She’s sharper than most 20-year-olds and remains on top of her game. He also talked about everything that Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin taught him. It’s nice hearing an actor compliment those he works with. And, still look upon the experience positively after seven years.

Check out Grizz Chapman all day Saturday, if you’re at NYCC at booth 658.

Lest you think 30 Rock is Grizz Chapman’s final project, you have another thing coming. He just shot Home and has Hyperbeats in the wings. Additionally, other project opportunities are leaning his way, which he loves. If you want to keep following Grizz during 30 Rock‘s final season and afterwards check him out on twitter as @grizz30rock, instagram and at his website, Also, check him out all day Saturday, if you’re at NYCC at booth 658. If you’re an upcoming actor or interested in the television industry, his main piece of advice surrounds never taking no for an answer.

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4 Comments on “Grizz Chapman talks 30 Rock’s final season

  1. Not for nothing, but Grizz and. com are the 2 most loyal friends that Tracy Jordan has. Always have his back and are there to talk him off the ledge. Gonna miss ya, guys.
    Oh, and .com had a small part in last Mondays “Castle”.

    • Yea, I saw .Com in Castle. He was the guy who also bid on the storage unit, but wound up passing his cash to Castle and Beckett in exchange for naming a character after his mother.

      My favorite quote of that episode: “I’m a best-selling author, why wouldn’t I carry 2 grand?”

      I also met .Com at Philly Comic Con last year. After talking to Grizz, I’m happy that I was able to talk to two halves of one whole.

  2. A “30 Rock” and “Castle” crossover. The mind boggles. And since you already watch “Castle”, why aren’t you doing a weekly review. ‘Cause, ya know, you’d ROCK IT.

    • Lol. Thanks, Otto. I think Ivey did a great job last year. I’d love to cover Castle and Bones and Sherlock and Midny and New Girl and Grimm and every single other TV show I love and watch. But, there just isn’t enough time in the week! :)

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