Modern Family Blu-ray giveaway – Pick your favorite moment from season three


CliqueClack is giving away two Blu-ray sets for Season 3 of ‘Modern Family’ to two lucky recipients, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post recalling your favorite moment from last season. If you’re like me, you’re probably having trouble picking just one!


Season three was a season of revelations. Maybe they weren’t earth-shattering, but they were memorable to the show’s many loyal viewers. Who could forget Claire hitting the dusty campaign trail in her quest for a stop sign? As a woman who’s used to winning and stopping at nothing to over-achieve, Claire learned that sometimes you just have to accept defeat graciously. Maybe your favorite moment was the “Vote for Claire Mobile” driven around town by Cam and Mitchell, or Claire’s interview with reporters while she was missing a tooth? Or perhaps you found it hilarious when Lily dropped the “f-bomb” during the hideous Lite-Brite wedding?

Who could forget the first appearance of Betty Luke? Besides seeing what his sisters do to him to pass the time, we learned more about what makes the youngest member of the family tick with more insight into Luke’s world this season. He accepted the loss of his elderly neighbor/friend Walt in an unconventional way, he lied to his entire school to make everyone think he was a hero, and we found out he’s a prime candidate for that series about hoarding. Who knew so much was going on behind those mischievous eyes?

It takes a big man with an even bigger heart to hang up his oversized clown pants, rubber shoes and his moment in the seltzer light to begin a family with the man they love.

Not only did Cam turn the big 4-0 (or 1-0 in Leap Years), but we also glimpsed a colorful part of his past, as we learned about his days in the prominent clown duo known as Fizbo & Lewis. It takes a big man with an even bigger heart to hang up his oversized clown pants, rubber shoes and his moment in the seltzer light to begin a family with the man they love. Maybe your favorite moment was the clown funeral.

Season three also made me ponder just who is the better father figure in this extended family: Phil or Jay? I will always adore Phil Dunphy more than I can say, especially since the episode in which he wrote his daughter’s initials on the diner’s moon, but he really had a tough time being a father this season. It just about broke my heart to watch him realize his eldest daughter is no longer a virgin and will soon be leaving for college.

While I’ve always known how wonderful Phil is, the Disneyland episode taught me that Jay may have a gruff exterior, but he’s really a big teddy bear on the inside, and a wonderful father to boot. Not only was he a self-sacrificing father for Mitchell and Claire all these years, but he’s also shaping up to be a pretty terrific father for Manny. Maybe the family’s memorable trip to Disneyland was your favorite.

But without a doubt, the biggest revelation of all this season was Gloria’s, that she was pregnant in the season finale. I can’t wait to relive all the tender moments and hilarious antics from season three that have helped define the Dunphy-Pritchett clan and have made them a family I’ve quickly developed a soft spot in my heart for over the past three years.

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 25th at Midnight ET!

So, if you’re eagerly awaiting the Season Four premiere on September 26 and are looking to relive the best Season Three had to offer, leave a comment and enter our DVD giveaway. We’ll pick two commenters at random who will be alerted after the giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 25th at Midnight ET (make sure your spam filters aren’t blocking mail from!). Only one entry per person will be considered and you must have a valid U.S.-based mailing address. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents of 18 years of age or older only. Not following these guidelines voids your entry. Good luck!

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23 Comments on “Modern Family Blu-ray giveaway – Pick your favorite moment from season three

  1. I loved the episode where they got drunk and talked about having the baby for Mitch and Cam…so awkward!!

  2. Luke and Manny driving the car was one of my favs from this season.

  3. Still hoping to win something from the site after a few years here! My favorite moments are still when Phil lets innuendo slip about Gloria and his not-so-secret crush on her. The longing that actor puts into his performance, and how soul-crushed he can be by Claire, always cracks me up. I also liked David Cross’ appearances last season.

  4. I saw it coming a mile away, but I couldn’t stop laughing when Gloria let Stella out of the house and Cam went running around the neighborhood yelling for her..STELLA…STELLA..

  5. My favorite moment was when Lily was on the leash at Disneyland and got caught up with another child on a leash like dogs! It just so happened that the other kid’s name was Rex… Hilarious!

  6. haha… when Cameron & Mitch are singing “dont go break my heart” (or something like that) together LOL

  7. When introducing the show, I usually start off by saying a standout on the show is Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphey but then I also add that Eric Stonestreet is amazing as Cam. Then I must add that, oh, Julie Bowen plays a perfect crazy mom, Claire Dunphy and Sofia Vergara plays an amazingly extravagant and always hilarious Gloria. My friends usually end up saying “So basically what you’re saying is that the whole cast is amazing?” And my answer is always yes. And that’s what makes this show so perfect. I totally believe every single actor is the character they are portraying.

  8. I like the “Send Out The Clowns” episode where Cam’s ex-partner comes to town. It reveals Cam’s hilarious past.

  9. Different moments from the Disneyland episode (Lily on a leash, Gloria and the shoes, Dylan in the costume).

  10. My Favorite was when Lily started saying the F word and Kam just couldn’t help but laugh.

  11. My favorite moment hands down is the scene where Manny (on Luke’s prodding) drives a car down the street to impress the girl he likes. The look of self-satisfaction followed by the look of utter horror when he has to pass back by her in reverse because he couldn’t turn the car around was absolutely priceless.

  12. The best episode was the whole clan goin to Disney and having Little Lilly on a LEASH. I nearly pee’d my pants. Because I had pretty much the same experience at the Bronx Zoo in NY with my own kids. Also loved Gloria in the Big Slipper-Shoes!!!!!

  13. I like the Phil is oblivious episode. “I dropped by with that tool your wife needed.”

  14. The Disneyland episode was pure hilarity. But my favorite shocking moment was when Gloria said she was preggers at the end of the season.

  15. Hoping I’m remembering the correct season, when Jay hurriedly grabs a towel to dry “her” off from the pool, and thinks of Stella first before remembering Gloria was more important.

  16. Really love the show, but I’d say my fave moments involve Julie Bowen’s Claire is my fave, though when she and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Mitchell do scenes together, they really play off each other well. Claire running for office and her election day missing tooth was priceless, and is one of those moments that you think could never really happen, but I bet it came from some true story of one of the writers. Phil’s comment that the whole family was high was hilarious. Looking forward to this season.

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