Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman is AWESOME!!


John Barrowman is freaking awesome. The universe isn’t big enough to hold his sheer mega-fucking-awesomeness or his banana hammock.


John Barrowman is amazing. Sometimes there are actors you follow because you respect their careers and the genre they represent. However, when you see that person in person and they’re even more fucking awesome in reality, your estimation goes up a gazillion. John Barrowman is such a person.

John Barrowman knows he’s hot and knows we love him because he’s hot.

It’s the first time I’ve seen the ENTIRE ROOM hit on a panelist and watch the panelist hit on himself. He’s such a casually carnal being and is so comfortable in his sex symbol status that it created an insanely fun, playful atmosphere. On conference calls and convention rooms, whenever a fan/writer remarks on a male actor’s looks, he immediately tosses the compliment aside. But John Barrowman knows he’s hot, knows we love him because he’s hot and plays with it, which makes it even more awesome. Honestly male actors, just take the compliment, acknowledge the truth and move on. John Barrowman does it so humorously and matter-of-factly without diminishing our utter appreciation of his surprising brilliance. When he told a seriously petite woman to treat the oversized microphone like his member, I died. While I always found him attractive, his charisma literally made me consider disrobing and launching the stage multiple times. Because of his utter self-comfort as a walking id, I’m surprised he has boundaries and comfort levels when interacting with other actors. Then again, he did a good job of extricating himself from over-amorous fans (including an awesome one dressed as X).

Is Barrowman the new Bruce Campbell?

His brazenness totally reminded me of Bruce Campbell. Is he the new Bruce Campbell? Like Bruce, he’s written multiple memoirs before hitting his 50s. Like Bruce, when he noticed two rows of empty seats, he overrode the volunteers and ran outside to let more people in. With his utter fearlessness in truth and confrontation, maybe there’s a switch that flicks when actors turn 40 and they no longer care. Although, yes, Barrowman looks his hot forty-something years on TV, in reality he literally looks a decade younger. Maybe it’s his insane energy and intense physique. He is seriously hot and in crazy shape. I always found him attractive, but seeing him in person tripled it. But, I can’t tell if it’s his personality that clenched it. He was so electrifying I couldn’t stop taking photos of him. So, enjoy the moving slide show attached to the podcast broadcast.

Kissing a hot James and tweaking a shirtless Stephen Amell? Ah, to be Barrowman (or to be Barrowman’s shorts).

I love that he brings his casual sexuality to his on-screen roles and his co-workers. He claims he forced James Masterson to redo the Torchwood kiss ad nauseum just to fuck with him and his heterosexuality. And, that he kept flashing his balls to the crew during live over the shoulder takes. Yum. Interestingly, before taking Arrow he stipulated a shirtless scene with Stephen Amell. However, did he even NEED to ask for that? Is there any character who HASN”T seen Ollie shirtless? Does Ollie even KNOW what a shirt is? There is no man who Amell HASN’T had bro-erotic chemistry with. Maybe that’s why Ollie’s bedroom heat with Laurel sucked, Laurel lacked Diggle’s amazing arms!! In the spirit of Arrow’s bromantic tension, Barrowman nipple tweaked Amell in a lost take. Who would he fuck, marry and kill of X, XI and IX? In order – fuck X, marry XI and kill IX (after shagging him senseless).

You should see him work a banana AND a banana hammock.

I kept learning new items about John. He’s definitely more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You should see him work a banana AND his banana hammock! He has a beautiful tenor, which I didn’t expect. You know how some actors sing, but really shouldn’t? John can and does. He clearly comes from a theatre background with his fluidity and utter self-comfort. I’d hate to do improv with him because he’d beat me under the table … oh, if only he would*swoon*. You can always see the mechanisms cranking in his mind. Even when he shared his thoughts about society at large, he never lost the audience. I’m glad he didn’t sing Springtime for Hitler and I’m glad he explained why. And, I do agree with his thoughts towards reclaiming certain words.

I never viewed Barrowman as bi-dialect. However, his American accent in Torchwood and Doctor Who always sounded off — too harsh and too brash. Throughout the panel I kept thinking how natural his American accent sounded. Then he admitted he uses a more American dialect with American audiences and used a Scottish brogue when talking to Tennant behind the scenes. Let’s be honest, his Scottish accent sounds like an American with a Scottish brogue. However, I FINALLY understood why his American accent in the UK sounded off, while his American accent in American shows always sounded perfect.

Seeing these new sides to John, including his secret weapon the Banana Hammock (his jockeys) which he wore with the intent to flash, makes me look towards Scandal’s return. He always plays the intense evil guy or intense action guy, but I’d love to see him in a role closer to his true personality. Like any child picked on, he gloats over his former, now impoverished bullies. But, he admits his fans support his lifestyle and doesn’t mind giving people a peek now and then. but, he tells fans who whine about hating later Torchwood episodes to shut up and enjoy the run. I’m sorry, John, I’m still mad they killed off Tosh.

My only complaint of an otherwise awesome panel, surrounded the shut out. EVERYONE should have seen John Barrowman. He’s the gift that always gives. There were extra seats towards the front, but they were scattered. You know how people hate sitting next to each other? Maybe next time the wizard world staff should emphasize for in-demand rooms that people get over their fear of letting their butts touch another humans for 45 minutes. Surprisingly, no one saved seats.

John Barrowman is the new crack\cocaine.

Anyways, John Barrowman rocks it. Who else wears cartoon pants for his fans AND wears it well? (OK, other than Bruce Campbell). Seriously, John Barrowman is the new crack/cocaine. He is kinky, quirky, addictive, adorable and fun. Who else gives up his lunch hour for his fans while chomping on bananas? Who else goes the extra distance knowing people waited in line to see him, rather than cutting the panel short? Who else pulls a little boy up and shares his fear of old school Dr. Who villains? Other than Captain Jack? John Barrowman.

Photo Credit: An Nicholson

6 Comments on “Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman is AWESOME!!

  1. Hi, just wanted to say I loved your post! I’m a big JB fan and wish I could have attended this event. He always seems like he’d be so much fun to hang out (or make out) with. I’ve read both of his books and his family sounds a lot like mine — we share a similar sense of humor. Thank you for the video, it’s almost like being there! Cheers!

    • Thanks, Kim! He was awesome. I left with an even bigger crush on him.

  2. Yes, I’ve made several trips to the UK to see John perform, so I’m a fan. But he isn’t the only actor who goes out of his way (or gave up their lunch break) at this con for their fans.

    • I know it’s bad of me, Linda, to praise John Barrowman in a John Barrowman post, but I just can’t help myself. I assure you I did acknowledge other moderators/panelists in my post Philly Comic Con Overview post. Hopefully, the editors will post it one day ;)

  3. Having been addicted to John Barrowman for many years, I was pleased to read your analogy to crack cocaine. I also want to let all his fans know that I have a petition to gather names for a John Barrowman concert in Las Vegas. John has often said he would love to perform in Las Vegas and so, as a gift for him that costs nothing but a few moment of time, I am asking as many of his fans as I can find to sign the petition and pass on the link to others they know to be fans. I am not trying to spam anyone only inform them of the concert possibility. John has said if a city will give him 500 names of people who would attend a concert, he will give them one. So if you or your followers would love to see one of those wonderful concerts up close and personal this is your opportunity.

  4. love your article, John Barrowman is just one of my favorite actors – I’d love to see him at a con some day :)Just one little nitpick – I’m sure you just typoed the name cause John couldn’t have gotten it wrong – he kissed James Marsters on Torchwood. No James Masterson there!

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