Some pondering on The Walking Dead season 3

It seems like forever, but all of a sudden season three of ‘The Walking Dead’ is within our purview. Going into the new chapter, I have a few thoughts.


Are you ready? Because it’s coming quick: A 16-episode season three of The Walking Dead.

Of course, for those who need to catch up — or want to fill in an episode or two or 20 — beginning Saturday there will be an AMC marathon of the show so you can reacquaint yourself with what’s gone on over the last two seasons.

Me? Oh … I’m more than ready. I have been for quite some time. I’ve been busy jawing with showrunner Glen Mazzara and creator Robert Kirkman about the show. July’s Comic-Con gave us news and tidbits and a spiffy preview (featured in this post) of some of the things to come. During the last few months I’ve turned a few friends and associates on to the show. (One buddy of mine pooh-pooh’d TWD when he originally heard about it. I convinced him otherwise with a marathon session. It goes without saying he’s not only a believer, but he’s hooked and champing at the bit for Sunday’s premiere.)

“Let’s get one thing straight: If you’re staying, this isn’t a democracy anymore.” — Rick, to the group, in the season 2 finale

Glen has promised us things in the coming season we won’t be expecting, Robert has assured us no punches will be pulled. But what does that mean to us, the fans? It means we’re going to get a slammin’ season’s worth of drama. In the grand scheme of things we already know no one’s safe, evidenced by the surprisingly earlier-than-expected exit of Shane and the even more shocking demise of Dale last season. And, among many of us, we had hoped Sophia would make it out alive after she got lost in the season 2 premiere. But it was still jaw-dropping to see her appear tainted and undead lumbering out last from Hershel’s barn in “Pretty Much Dead Already” … wasn’t it?

So … what are you expecting out of The Walking Dead this time around? The comics notwithstanding (because the writers have simultaneously proven to us they’re faithful to them and not), I’ll pass along a few thoughts to ponder about a few of the characters. Let me know what you think:

Carl: Does it make a difference if he stays or if he goes? Throughout the show, there have been some nice touches surrounding him, especially when he got shot by Otis. (Seriously, Michael? That was a “nice” touch … ?!?) But with all the shenanigans he’s been involved in (dissing Carol about Sophia, swiping Daryl’s gun, tempting fate talking to Randall in the barn, fooling with that mud-trapped walker and, indirectly, being responsible for Dale getting killed) it would make for an interesting scenario if he was offed. And let’s admit it: In a lot of ways Carl’s been a pain in the ass, continually needing to be watched. And that’s something everyone fails at.

T-Dog: We’ve been promised we’re going to see a whole lot more from him this season, but how can he become instrumental in the next several episodes so that we care about him? Thus far, T-Dog has been another toss-off character, his biggest role having been antagonization of Merle back in season 1.

Andrea: She’s still a bit of a loose cannon, isn’t she? She can be a wild one. What happens to her and to the group if she simply goes off the rails? Yes … she’s completely capable of defending herself so long as she’s got a weapon in her hand. Still, can’t you see the possibility of her becoming a shadow of Shane in many ways?

Given the circumstances, Lori is being rather the typical woman, isn’t she?

Lori: The biggest outcry from the fans was that of Lori being a big, fat whiner throughout last season. She spouted off here, threw her weight around there, cried and emoted at times, stood her ground in yet others. But think about it: Given the circumstances, she’s being rather the typical woman, isn’t she? Now, before I get lambasted about unruffling my chauvinistic side, consider this — realistically, the world does harbor “those” types of women, ones just like Lori. While I enjoy some of the drama she dredges up, frustrating as it sometimes can be, I’m just not in the same camp many out there are in that she should meet her eventual fate. As a mother — as a conflicted mother-to-be twice over — and as a wife, she’s got a lot on her plate. Granted, she’s a mess. I don’t know if she should be cut some slack or not in that regard. But I am interested on seeing where she goes this season.

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