Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the worst part of Scandal


‘Scandal’ is almost two different shows; one about Olivia Pope and Associates and another about the disastrous relationship between Olivia and President Fitz Grant.


I like Scandal. I like Scandal a lot actually. I have since day one. I think the show’s premise, the cast and the writing are particularly good. There’s something about the way the show is presented – specifically from a dialogue point of view – that’s reminiscent of the best of Aaron Sorkin and Amy Sherman-Palladino. Despite that love, there’s something that has bugged me about the show since early in the last season, something that I think is really beginning to drag the plot down.

Fans of this show are particularly loyal, and particularly catty. So I know they’re not going to like what I say next.

Every once in a while, I have an opinion that is unpopular. By “every once in a while,” I mean quite damn often (I’m sure the editor of this post would agree with me … and the rest of my fellow Clackers as well). But I know fans of this show are particularly loyal, and particularly catty. So I know they’re not going to like what I say next.

I just don’t get what anyone sees in the relationship between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant. In my opinion, their relationship is just wrong on so many levels. I don’t like the way it works, nor do I like the way it’s depicted. I especially don’t like the way how, every couple of episodes, the show focuses so much on their relationship that nearly everything — and every one — else takes a back seat. Less Huck, less Quinn … and, God-forbid, less Abby (what can I say? I have a thing for redheads).

They are not the poster children for a healthy relationship.

My biggest problem is that I just don’t get how they’re supposed to click. Far be it from me to ever judge someone else’s relationship, but they are not the poster children for a healthy relationship. Fitz is the definition of unavailable; if the fact that he’s married isn’t enough – and it should be – his job will continue to be in the way as long as he works in the Oval Office. Plus, it isn’t like he treats her particularly well. Between his declaration of “war” last season, and his physicality in the infamous “tree” scene this season, he seems to be much more antagonistic than sweet.

That’s not saying that Olivia is a saint in the relationship either. She’s keeping a secret, and a massive one at that. The audience is slowly being clued into the fact that Fitz’s election was fixed, and that a cabal that included Olivia, Cyrus Beene, Hollis Doyle, Verna Thorton and the First Lady herself, Millie Grant, seem to be behind it. If Fitz is the most powerful man in the world, finding out that the two most important women in his life cheated to get him there is going to be a rather emasculating experience. I’m not looking forward to that particular reveal.

I don’t hate Fitz, nor do I hate Olivia. I’m continually blown away by Kerry Washington’s performance.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate Fitz, nor do I hate Olivia. I’m continually blown away by Kerry Washington’s performance, and I think the world of Olivia; she’s got a heart the size of Montana. I love how she’s created a family out of strays, and how she — and the stories — shine when she’s working amongst that family — though that family has suffered greatly from the departure of Henry Ian Cusick’s Stephen Finich. I hate when she ignores them or forces them against each other like she’s done with Harrison and — to an extent — Huck. I guess Fitz is pretty swell too, but Millie and Cyrus are generally the best parts of any scenes in set in the White House.

Like I said, I don’t expect this to be a popular opinion, but I don’t really care. I like Scandal, but I really don’t like watching it when the focus is on this relationship that just doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me.

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31 Comments on “Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the worst part of Scandal

  1. I agree, SHOCKED???? While I love a good romance as good as anyone, this romance makes me feel like I have to take a bath after the show.

    From the first scene, it had me hooked on the “gladiator” aspect of what Olivia represented. I wish the show had retained THAT as the focus and let Olivia have her sad faces at home alone because she resisted Fitz. That would separate her from the White House and let her be a “gladiator” w/o having to wear her two faces…rep of WH…leader of Pope & Associates.

    It’s going to get nasty in January, and I, for one, am not looking forward to the Fitz-O angst.

    • It’s funny, I like their relationship the most when they’re not physically together on the screen. Like last night’s episode, and the conversation between Olivia and Cyrus, when he chastises her for giving up on him. “He calls you the love of his life.”

    • It’ll probably get ugly in January, but I’ll be ok as long as Fitz and Olivia get together again. Just seems like they belong together. If I have to see Edison, it’ll be a long January! : ( I need more Fitz…I am not for abuse and all that, but I love passion and fire as long as it’s mutual. Fitz has brought a positive side to being an Alpha Male. He’s sensitive, but goes all out for Olivia. He’s bold and I love it! I want to see more of that!

  2. After “Suits” and “Walking Dead”, “Scandal” is a favorite show. And yes, I have the same problem with the Olivia/Fitz romance. But, as was recently pointed out to me, it’s what makes for drama. Try as I could to argue the point, while my friend sat there with her knowing smerk, I could not build the case that “Scandal” would be a better show without it. Drama stopped me in my tracks.

  3. They’re not designed as characters to be “liked” together.. that’s
    the whole point of the “scandal” among others the show
    represents.. they do share great on screen chemistry as actors though..
    great plot.. well written.

  4. Actually, this is probably the main reason that people watch the show, at least the ones I know, for the gratutious yet passionate affair between these two characters. The tension/chemistry between the actors is palable and I love that it’s a flawed, complicated relationship with a very real love at it’s core. No one is going to watch a show named “Scandal” for it’s high moral ground. “Treegate” was a culmination of hurt and ironically, feelings of betrayal yet an inability to let each other go. It’s as basic as that. Plus, I LOVE Millie, the actress playing her is fantasic as is Goldwyn–who is fascinating.

  5. Fitz and Olivia is the only reason I and many others watch. Healthy relationships are BORING for television.

    • ikr pfft i luv the realtionship i hate mellie and i hope sumday olivia and fitz will be together and mellie will be out the movie for gud.

  6. I don’t think the show (including cast/crew) ever tried to make Olivia and Fitz the poster of a healthy relationship. I believe the show is showing us that it is a deeply flawed and unhealthy relationship. Infidelity is something that disgusts me and turns me off everywhere else except here for some reason. I know it is completely wrong but they’ve crafted the show in such a way that I’m still drawn to these two. I don’t think the show’s creators will claim that any of these characters have the moral high ground. I love the character of Olivia because she is an insanely awesome and strong character but she definitely has flaws. Characters without flaws or moral conflicts get boring quickly.

  7. This Show is not west wing or 24hrs. It is scandal : Olivia & Fitz are Scandal ,they are the central relationship on this show.

    Without this 2 greats actors. the show is boring. I am 0.00 % agree with you


  8. Olivia and Fitz’s relationship is the worst part of Scandal : oh Please Fitz and Olivia make the show.
    Shonda Rhimes said this relationship is the central of the show.

    Scandal with this 2 greats actors Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington is so good .
    This romance and forbidden love is one of the best part of the show

  9. Fitz and Olivia ,whatever you think is why people love the show. Scandal can not exist without them
    Fitz and Olivia since the beginning is the part of te show. Stay or leave.

    One of the best part of the show is Fitz & Olivia. . and the case at the OPA is also good.


  10. Scandal with the plots, and the whitehouse romance betweenFitz and Olivia is so good

  11. Best show of 2012 ; SCANDAL
    Best chemistry on screen for 2012 : Tony Goldwyn & kerry Washington
    Best Tv Romance 2012 ; OLIVIA & FITZ

    best , best : Scandal , Olivia &Fitz

  12. I love these two. They woke it up! They’d better keep Olivia and Fitz together or I’m not watching anymore! The show is good, but they make me look forward to watching. It is steamy!!!!!!!!!


  13. Come on! You know how Shonda works! Once Fitz is out of the office and they get together it is going to go downhill fast (Owen and Christina HELLO!). Morally of course I don’t agree with it. As for the entertainment factor, bring it on! I love them together and Fitz is absolutely delicious LOL

  14. You love “Scandal” but you hate Olivia/Fitz? Nonsense. Their relationship is the backbone of the entire show. Seldom do two actors have such tremendous chemistry as do Tony Goldwyn and Kerri Washington. Whenever those two are on screen together sparks fly. The fact that their relationship is morally wrong and indecent adds another layer of depth to the entire thing. Their doomed love is the hook of this show! OLITZ all the way, baby! :D

  15. If you can’t write a more positive article, do something else. Jealousy only hurts you in the long run. GAL!!!

    • On the contrary, jealousy is not at work here, not in the least.

      And I write my fair share of positive articles as well, but in this case, I spoke to my beliefs and feelings, whether it was a popular opinion or not.

  16. I don’t care what anyone else says, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  17. I absolutely love them together. I think it is an amazing romance! I think they are perfect together!

  18. I leave my morals @ the door when watching Fiction so with that said Olitz all day and I can’t wait for the “affair” to pick back up again eventually because I want hott/steamy present day sex scenes.

  19. I think that the show is supposed to show that the “perfect” relationship may not actually exist. In so many instances in real life, all we see is the relationship between Fitz and Mellie that appears so loving and wonderful. In real life, there is so often much more to the story. I do not think that they’re trying to depict Fitz and Olivia as having a healthy relationship. They’re trying to depict them as being in love, plain and simple. They understand that the unfaithfulness is wrong, but that doesn’t change the way they feel. It’s a story of how politics emphasizes appearances over what actually happens. We can see the same in the way that Olivia turns down Edison and says that she wants a love that is painful. It’s not about what’s right or what’s expected, it’s about the fact that what’s expected in society is not always the real story.

  20. I totally agree. I get that the relationship is supposed to be the backbone of the show, but I can’t get with it. Liv is always left standing there like a puppy dog over Fitz, and I can’t understand how a woman so powerful could allow herself to be treated that way. I don’t expect for a television show named “Scandal” to be in line with my morals. The Fitz/Liv relationship is exhausting. I feel, at some point, 2 adults would throw in the towel. The show can actually exist without Fitz straddling the fence and Liv’s puppy dog eyes for a while. There’s plenty of drama in D.C.

  21. Just a side note for accuracy of article writing: It is “Mellie Grant” (there is that “e” sound they make when they say her name in the show), not “Millie Grant.” Just thought you should know :-)

  22. I agree with you 100% I like Scandal, but I don’t like Olivia and Fitz’s relationship. I think Fitz is a jerk and Olivia can do a lot better, and she tries to be this powerful independent woman, but she looks totally weak, and just falls at his knees. She seems so desperate. When I first started watching, I thought the show would be about Olivia and her team getting people out of Scandals. I didn’t think it would be about her being a mistress to the President. It ruins it for me. I just don’t like there relationship at all. I’ve tried, but i just can’t. It’s so wrong.

  23. The relationship is a major moral flaw of those two… Directly related to Olivia’s poor choice in entering into a relationship with the candidate she worked for.. Allowing peer pressure to go along with Defiance… She’s compromised her values… I think it’s a great show because it depicts how far we can drift out into the wilderness….

  24. I just started watching the show on Netflix and I cannot believe they reduced the president of the USA to a man who has such loose morals. He is

    a) married albeit unhappy but he chose his wife, he chose to stick with her before he was elected. besides he must have a million things to worry about ..considering the decisions a president has to make.

    b) he slept with the intern!! why doesnt anyone think that was wrong? the vp chief aide “sent someone to sleep with him” is the excuse! come on! this is supposed to be the leader of the country! surely he is not led by his d**k.

    c) oliva and the prez – it plays like lust not love.

    d) he killed someone!! ridiculous!

    This could have been a smart entertaining show yet just like Greys anatomy got reduced to a crappy show so is this.

    The power of this show, as you rightly said, is the “fixing” of the scandals and the interesting team. Though i do think the team sings the “olivia pope the great” tune way too often and are now being made into caricatures of who they were in season1.

    I enjoy smart entertaining tv shows…..this is a soap opera. am done with it.

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