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Scrubs – What’s love got to do with it?

Scrubs - Donald Faison (l) & Zach BraffABC is definitely keeping the costs down. Last week, Turk was nowhere to be found in either episode, and this week the first episode went down with no janitor and J.D. only heard over a cell phone. But Percival Ulysses was in da house!

I liked the idea of Dr. Grumpy aka Denise hooking up with Dr. Giddy AKA Sunny. It’s a good dynamic. We’re finding out that Denise works as a character on this show; it’s too bad that it’s too late. I guess we could always root for a spin-off with the new interns and some of the principal cast members. Call it Sacred Heart and everything can essentially be the same. Or better yet, have Elliott get her own building and call it Private Practice. Then there’s a good reason to take that other Private Practice off the air!

I can’t believe we have to wait five weeks now until we get new episodes. When the show does return on March 18, it will be on Wednesday nights and only one new episode per week. That way we can take our time and really enjoy the injection of awesome that Bill Lawrence and Co. have put into this final season of Scrubs.

We got our first official declaration that what JD and Turk have is a “bromance.” We got to see Dr. Cox very effectively and efficiently acting as Chief of Medicine as well as performing all of his other tasks. I guess his struggles of last week are behind him. Either that or he completely flipped out and went AWOL and that’s why he was nowhere to be found in the second installment. Me, I think it’s that budgetary thing. Boston Legal did the same thing.

Still, Scrubs does a good job of filling up the half hour so you barely notice the missing cast members. And believe me, not realizing that the Janitor is nowhere to be found is a feat as Neil Flynn is absolutely ridiculous in his insane tirades, most of which are apparently ad-libbed if the outtakes we’ve seen are to be believed.

I like the new status quo of the series. I like Kelso being the retired former chief who hangs around for free muffins. I dig Dr. Cox as the new chief, as he was always running things anyway. And I think I really like the idea of Turk and JD being senior staff members training the new crew of interns. They really did set up a nice formula to continue the series here, but I’ll at least be satisfied that Scrubs will keep its integrity and go out on a creative high the series hasn’t seen in years.

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One Response to “Scrubs – What’s love got to do with it?”

February 12, 2009 at 3:16 PM

This show is having a great season. I did thing it was weird having no JD in one episode and no Turk in the other. I’ve also been missing the Todd who has only shown up briefly in a few episodes.

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