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PodClack – Episode 37: German scat porn

Jay Black talks with Christy T about the need for adult beverages at movies and children's events, the way television programming is handled, and the future of product placement on television.

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One Response to “PodClack – Episode 37: German scat porn”

August 5, 2011 at 2:01 AM

-I didn’t hear a buzz except for when I had my ear right next to my speaker.
-MGM Studios at Disney World has the nets like Sesame Place. And I remember as a child sending my adult cousin up those and through the tunnels. We are going back there as a big family thing. I’m expecting his kids to be instructed to send me through there now as revenge. Though at least unlike Sesame Place, Disney World has Epcot where there is plenty of alcohol.
-Charlie Sheen has already exhausted all his popularity so Anger Management is going to crash and burn really quick or hide on TV Land with Fran Dresher forever.
-I get the German and porn aspect, but I’m confused why the scat is needed.

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