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South Park – Wikileaks, Lemmiwinks and Catatafish

Ghost fish, frogs and birds. Gerbils killing each other. Mass hysteria. One of the more bizarre episodes of 'South Park' in quite some time. Here are some of the best quotes from the episode

- Season 15, Episode 10 - "Bass to Mouth"

“No no, it’s not serious. But he went number two during class. I’m afraid he’s gonna need a new pair of pants and underwear … and a clean pair of socks.” – School nurse

“OK, but you probably understand that, for Pete, it isn’t that funny. For him it’s embarrassing and terrifying.” – Principal
“Heh heh. Right. That’s why it’s super funny. To me.” – Cartman

“Nobody can be made fun of for crapping their pants, and nobody can die…” – Cartman
“Yes!” – Everyone
“Jesus Christ …” – Cartman

‘I am Catatafish. I am a great wizard. And, I am a friend. And I am a ghost, besides, of course, being a fish.” – Catatafish

“Wikileaks posted exaggerated things about me too. He posted on his website that I had sex with an underage fish, and that I made her perform bass-to-mouth.” – Catatafish

“♫ Catatafish made a salmon suck asshole ♫” – Chanting voiceover
“No! No, see that’s wrong. It’s being exaggerated again.” – Catatafish

“Maybe there is a way out of this. But we’re going to have to throw Eric Cartman under the bus.” – Mr. Mackey
“How do we do that?” –  Mr. Adler
“We get a bus, and then we throw Eric Cartman under it.” – Mr. Mackey


Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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