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HIMYM – Ted built chip city on all their dough

When Lily and Marshall decide to move to Long Island, the rest of the gang experiences separation anxiety. The Eriksens, however, face another obstacle: a live-in in-law.

- Season 7, Episode 14 - "46 Minutes"

All good things must come to an end. In the case of the gang from How I Met Your Mother, it is the fact that the group won’t all always live within five minutes from MacLaren’s. Lily and Marshall’s decision to move to Long Island caused a great deal of frustration for the three that they left behind – and things didn’t exactly work exactly how they’d planned.

On some level, this episode was just a series of well-crafted gimmicks. From the new theme songs to Marshall’s “mission” to the basement, just about every joke Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and the rest of the HIMYM writing team worked into the episode landed (emphasis on “just about” – more on that later).

I really bought into the running gag between Robin and Kevin. I’m a big fan of HIMYM when it makes fun of relationship tropes, and this is one I’ve definitely experienced before. When a relationship is its formative stages, it is difficult to know how to so “no.” While I’ve never been dragged to a strip club as a by-product, I’ve certainly had my fair share of evenings I would have probably would avoided otherwise. The sad part is, like Robin and Kevin, a little more open communication, and I might have been able to avoid some of those situations. But, for the record, I’m pro-high-fiving.

It was sad to see Ted experience the night the way that he did. He’s basically lived with Marshall and Lily since they were all freshman in college. Moving out when they got married was one thing, but moving out of the city takes things to an entirely new level. I suspect that until the Eriksen’s move back into the city (which we can all agree is a virtual certainty, right?) that Ted won’t be the same.

Chris Elliott, however, continues to add very little to the show. I’ve just never been a fan of the actor specifically, nor do I like the character that has been crafted for him. The sooner he moves out, be it tomorrow, in two weeks or by the Fourth of July, the show will be much better for it.

New lyrics to the Barney theme song:

Bah bah bah bah
Barney is the new leader of the gang
And life just like more awesome

Notes & Quotes

  • “Long Island? I don’t understand, you can get spray tans here?” – Barney
    “I never let myself really believe this day would come.” – Robin
    “Yeah, it’s like when they cancelled Party of Five for the second time. [Everyone gives him looks] I mean when they … cancelled … sports.” – Ted
  • “Look at what’s become of our booth.” – Robin
    “It looks like my old shop teacher’s hand … just sort of missing something.” – Ted
  • Yeah, sorry Barney, the pen-joke didn’t work.
  • “Tonight’s going to be legen … Wait, are we sure it’s a good idea to go to a strip club? … Shut up Lily, I’m in charge now! …. dary!” – Barney
  • “By the way, did you see how she opened that bottle?” – Barney
  • “You know what, Mickey, you can save he whole ‘game master’ routine … it’s only kind of terrifying me.” – Marshall
  • “Ha! Mickey, guess who found the basement stairs. I’ll be done at that fuse box in no time, and when I get there, I’m sure I’ll figure out how fuse boxes work.” – Marshall
  • “Well, judging from how many clients that hookers has serviced, I’d say we’ve been here an hour. Ted, we’ve been robbed.” – Robin


Photo Credit: CBS

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