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The Mentalist – Red John likes his tea too

As is usual for 'The Mentalist', I don't want to go into the case of the week so much, but since there was some Red John goings-on, let's talk about that for a moment.

- Season 4, Episode 13 - "Red Is The New Black"

Yes yes … I’m going to go back to the reins of my bandwagon again here, supporting the theory that Red John is Patrick Jane.

“What? How?!” You say? “We just saw him sitting with Rosalind Harker! While she was talking to Jane on the phone!” Oh, please. That’s no smoking gun. Remember Bradley Whitford? Not Red John. So, this here, too, is not the Red John.

Those who point out evidence against Patrick Jane being Red John are just blowing smoke. It doesn’t matter where Jane happens to be or not be during these Red John murders or “sightings” (I guess you wouldn’t technically call Rosalind’s experience a sighting, would you?). That’s because it’s obvious that, though there was perhaps a time Red John carried out killings on his own, he’s primarily serving now as the Charles Manson-like leader to a cult of killers. Technically the guy in the picture above is Red John, only because it’s the name given to the cult. In essence, they all believe they are Red John. So, if each believes he is Red John, just maybe they’d take on other habits their beloved leader … like drinking tea, perhaps?

Alright, so seeing this guy drinking tea isn’t the most convincing bit of evidence to support my theory, but there’s no doubt it’s a conscious decision by the writers or director that this Red John be seen drinking Mr. Jane’s beverage of choice. Not a coffee mug, and not a glass of water or an empty hand: a teacup.

We may never find out who the true Red John is or whether Jane has anything to do with his existence, but it’s sure been a fun part of watching the series.

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3 Responses to “The Mentalist – Red John likes his tea too”

February 6, 2012 at 12:55 AM

I’ve liked your theory since the first time I read it and me and my friend discuss it every episode!
But I can’t agree with you this time.
I think Rosalind would’ve known that Patrick Jane and the man she’s in love with are the same person. She even remembered Red John’s scent.
I mean yes if Jane was Red John, maybe his voice would’ve changed or even how he talks or walks. But the smell?
I’m still all about Jane being Red John. Just not in this episode…
Though the teacup is making a good argument! But all I can come up with is Dexter-like! Maybe Red John’s a lost brother!!!
And that’s why I don’t like my theories and love yours! ;)

February 6, 2012 at 8:34 AM

Alright, maybe I wasn’t clear in my meaning. I’m not saying that guy in the picture is Patrick Jane. I’m saying he is one of many “Red Johns” out there. Patrick Jane is the leader.

February 6, 2012 at 10:06 AM

Oh yeah! Got it! Sorry!
You were clear. I read it again.

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