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Cougar Town – Co-MOHs

Now that Coach and Tammy Taylor are no longer on our TV screens, it's a good thing we have Any and Ellie around to fill the void of showing us what a strong, healthy marriage should entail. Spoiler: it definitely includes staging murder scenes. I'm pretty sure they stole that directly from Dr. Phil.

- Season 3, Episode 2 - "A Mind with a Heart of its Own"

It’s funny; since I’ve watched Cougar Town for so long, I’ve almost forgotten about how stupid the title is. I also assume that everybody is in on the joke of this hilarious show that’s saddled with the worst title on television right now. However, I was brought back to reality last week when I tried to get my boyfriend to watch it with me, and he got a horrified look on his face and said, “No! That’s a show about women sleeping with young guys! Why would I watch that?” So … fair point. I feel like Sunshine State definitely would have been an easier sell. Personally, I like Drinking Age, but that makes it seem a little Golden Girls-y to me for some reason.

So this week on Cougar City

Jules slept with her son’s best friend and awkward hilarity ensued. JK, guys. Ellie and Andy pretend to murder each other a lot, in an effort to stop fighting about the little things. While it seems like a lot of elaborate planning (not to mention clean-up!) to avoid a 5-minute argument, I must say, I really enjoyed their gallery of crime scene photos. Plus, they have to work together as a team to stage the photos, which strengthens their marriage even further. I guess what we learned this week, is the couple that murders (each other) ┬átogether is the couple that stays together.

Also good to know is the fact that heterosexual female friends planning to marry each other is a fairly common occurrence. I have friends like this myself, but it’s nice to see that in addition to Andy and Bobby’s bromance, Ellie and Jules have bags packed and ready to go for when they’re ready to run away and become wives. Poor Jellybean. Andy, Bobby, Ellie and Jules all have backup plans. If things go to shit, she’ll be left behind; not only without her friends, but with the cold, electronic arm of the state holding her back — at least until springtime.

This episode also made me remember how glad I am that they never ran with the whole Bobby/Jules/Grayson love triangle storyline. Love triangles happen in the real world, sure. However, it’s a lot more realistic to have an ex have a brief moment of “I have to get back with her,” when faced with an ex moving on. This is usually a side-effect of a common male disease, “I’ve fucked up-itis.” The disease is short-lived, unlike the herpes that the cheating bastard may or may not have given his lovely wife before she kicked his ass to the curb. Common cures include booze, finding another woman, or remembering all of the shitty times you two had together. If these feelings last for more than four weeks, please consult your doctor. Or OK Cupid.

Photo Credit: ABC

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