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The Lying Game – Sutton and Emma’s mother is revealed

'The Lying Game' closed out the first season with a surprise. The twins' mother was revealed, but that wasn't the biggest shocker! A secret alliance was exposed!

For a finale that promised us answers, The Lying Game waited until the very last seconds with the credits playing to give them to us. In fact, my DVR cut off those last few precious seconds, so I had to fast forward through the episode on-demand for the final reveal.

In those seconds, three things were revealed. One was expected, one was moderately surprising and the last a huge shocker! Ever since Rebecca, a.k.a Annie, showed up in town, it was pretty obvious she was probably the twins’ mother. Why else would the show have introduced a second Annie?

The huge shocker was that Sutton knows that Rebecca is her mother! How long has she known? I can’t believe she has known the whole time, because that just wouldn’t make any sense. Why would she trade places with Emma to go find Annie Hobbes, if she knew that Rebecca was her mother the whole time? She wouldn’t!

Rebecca got upset at Annie Hobbes for talking to Sutton and Emma. Once they knew Annie wasn’t their mother that would have been the perfect time for Rebecca to tell Sutton the truth and partner up. That was also around the time that Rebecca started pursuing Alec even more, if I remember correctly.

Oh, and remember the heart-to-heart that Rebecca and “Sutton” had by Char’s pool? Was that Sutton or Emma? Could that have been when the partnership began? That will be a scene to pay attention to on a re-watch of the season.

And, lastly, moderately surprising is that Alec may not have killed Derek. Could Derek’s murder have been part of Rebecca and Sutton’s plan? Did they frame him? Or, did Alec do it and they just made sure he would get caught?

The biggest question besides how Rebecca and Sutton teamed up is who is the twins’ father? My guess has always been Ted. His actions suggest that he fathered a child outside of his marriage, but was it with Annie Hobbes or with Annie Sewell (Rebecca).

We know that Alec is aware that Rebecca had twins, but does Ted? Is it possible that he never knew Emma existed? Kristin and Ted adopted Sutton, but Emma was kidnapped by Annie Hobbes. Kristin clearly doesn’t know of Emma’s existence, but does Ted? I’m guessing not, that Alec never told him.

If Ted is not their father, then he is most likely someone we have not met yet. I cannot imagine that Alec is their father. He has plenty of faults, but I don’t think he would have treated Sutton/Emma like he did if he was their biological father. And, there is Thayer. Sutton and Thayer slept together. This is an ABC Family show. They may show lying, cheating, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, but incest? No way.

Twists like Sutton being involved with Rebecca make re-watching the show more entertaining. What clues were there? Some things that seemed like coincidence, now could be attributed to their plan. Was finding the locket part of the plan? Did Sutton help Rebecca break up her parent’s marriage? And, why would either of them want that?

This reveal about Sutton has taken her from mean girl to outright evil. What did her parents do to deserve her wrath? They loved her, provided for her and she has turned against them. Perhaps, there is a good reason? Or, a good lie from Rebecca.

Sadly, the romance between Emma and Ethan has definitely come to a screeching halt. From the outside, it is disappointing. Emma does not know that Ethan truly loves her. And, now Ethan has more reason to wonder if something is going on between Emma and Thayer. Sutton’s plan to break Ethan and her sister up worked. Now, we can only hope that Ethan and Emma will see through the sham and get back together!

Unfortunately, The Lying Game has not been renewed for a second season yet. Fingers crossed that we get to find out the answers to these questions and mysteries. I have thrown out quite a few theories about what happened, please share your thoughts in the comments!

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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5 Responses to “The Lying Game – Sutton and Emma’s mother is revealed”

March 6, 2012 at 7:10 AM

wowowoow that was such a good episode, I really hope there’s a second season its such a great series! I think ted must be the father as you said but doesn’t know about the twins, but Alec probably does know about Emma and sutton and he always questioned sutton and doubted her. I think he found out about emma when he went looking for her in her either way, awesome article! x

March 6, 2012 at 8:48 AM

I think Sutton found Rebecca before the first scene of episode one, At the end of episode one, Sutton is scene waiting in a car when the passenger door opens and, well, now I’m thinking that was Rebecca. All 20 episodes the alliance of Sutton/Rebecca have been plotting, drawing in, and flat out playing a lying game with the viewers all season long. Sutton knew Thayer was not her brother when she slept with him in Los Angeles. Sutton knew all about Annie Hobbs when she want to that clinic but needed Annie to be decieved too. It’s all, all, been to brgin the houses of Mercer, Rybak, and Chamberlin down. And down they ALL are. The reveal of the Sutton/Rebecca alliance was the biggest reviel since the end of the movie The Sixth Sense. There is a new leader in prime time soap dramas, and it’s no longer J.R. Ewing on Dallas, it’s now Rebecca on TLG!

March 6, 2012 at 12:03 PM

I knew all along that Rebecca and Ted had some affair and that Rebecca are the twins’ mother. They look so alike. And I am pretty sure Ted’s the father, hence the other half of the secret. What I didn’t see coming was that Rebecca and Sutton were scheming together all along. I can’t believe I have to wait to find out if the show has been renewed or not, last night’s episode was so good…it better be renewed so that our questions can be answered!

March 7, 2012 at 3:51 PM

So I guess Sutton is playing everyone around her… her adoptive parents, her sister Emma, Mads, Thayer and even Ethan. Well, she obviously hasn’t been honest with Emma, hiding things from her, what makes me think if she’s just trying to keep Emma’s safe for a good purpose or she really doesn’t care about her twin sister or anyone else to do all the things she has done so far.
As for Rebecca, I had the feeling she was the girl’s mother as soon as she showed up on the show but is that right? Maybe the semblance on their looks and voice made me so suspicious and that’s why I congratulate the show for being so assertive by picking her up. She sure reminds me of Sutton and Emma. But what if it’s just another lying game?

March 20, 2012 at 2:57 PM

There needs to be another season! They cant just leave people hanging there wondering what happened with Emma and everything. I really hope there is a second season! Sutton is so evil and I wanna see Emma stand up to her. I knew Rebecca was their mother the whole time. It made clear sense when she came back, the locket, and then the way she acts around Sutton and Emma. Please be another season! The first was outraguously crazy, we cant just be left at that!

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