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South Park – Aren’t Internet memes so 2000 and late?

Faith Hilling, Taylor Swifting, Oh Long Johnsoning ... when will it end?! Here are some choice quotes from the latest episode about Internet memes, and some lyrics to boot.

- Season 16, Episode 3 - "Faith Hilling"

“First there was planking: people taking pictures of themselves in a plank position, and putting the photos on the internet. Planking was soon replaced with owling, and after The Super Bowl, by Bradying. But the newest meme involves pulling the shirt out to look like boobs. It’s called ‘Faith Hilling,’ and all around the world people are doing it.” – Reporter

“These youths paid with their lives for Tebowing. When they posed for pictures, they should have remembered there are only three approved memes: peace sign, bunny ears, fake wiener.” – Guy on video

“‘Faith Hilling is pretty stale,’ said Republican candidate Newt Gingrich. ‘If they had crashed the debate by Taylor Swifting, that would have been impressive.'” – Stan, reading the newspaper
“Taylor Swifting? What the fuck is that?” – Cartman

“Oh God. Faith Hilling is so February 2012.” – Kid
“Saying something is ‘so 2,000-and-anything’ is so 2009, you stupid asswipe!” – Stan

“Everyone take a good look. THIS is what you’re doing every time you’re playing with Internet memes. YOU ARE PLAYING ROULETTE WITH YOUR FUCKING LIFE!” – Prof. Lamont

“There are two ways a species evolves. Physically from genes, and culturally from memes.” – Prof. Lamont

“Look, in the ’70s there was Fonzying, which replaced the outdated moustaching. In the ’60s, cultural ideas were passed on by everyone poodle fisting, but even that evolved from people ass-wedging in the ’40s. Even before photographs humans memed for portraits, all the way back to the Egyptians, who had pictures of themselves donkey-dicking.” – Prof. Lamont

“If cats are putting slices of bread on their heads and taking pictures, they’re proving to be almost as intelligent as we are.” – Prof. Lamont

“Two Boulder children died today while Oh Long Johnsoning in a batting cage. Oh Long Johnsoning is of course the latest Internet meme, which involves putting oneself in a risky situation, and then seeing how many times you can say ‘Oh Long Johnson’ on video, before getting out of the way.” – Reporter

“Long ago, there was Tebowing, which evolved into Faith Hilling. But the latest memeing craze — Swift Johnsoning — may now also have its rival. A brand new meme, where people video themselves wearing trenchcoats and talk about the dangers of memeing. They call it ‘reporting’, and safety officials say it’s a dangerous and potentially fatal … [train horn] … Oh! Oh Long Johnson! Oh Long Johnson! [*splat!*]” – Reporter

“Alright, football night, whatdya do?
Get out your camera and a boobie or two
We gotta get serious while we’re in our prime
Come on everybody. It’s Faith Hilling time.

Dancin’, rappin’, titties flappin’ where are you?
This is the only memeing I’ll ever do
Oh Long Johnson is a meme I will fight
‘Cuz I’m Faith Hilling ’til the day that I die” – Cartman

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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