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How I Met Your Mother – A little too much filler for my tastes

As 'How I Met Your Mother' plots the course for the season finale, 'Good Crazy' is just a little too much filler.

- Season 7, Episode 22 - "Good Crazy"

I’ve never been one to complain about filler episodes, especially when they bring the funny. “Good Crazy” was funny, but it was all filler. How I Met Your Mother‘s two-episode season finale airs in two weeks, and several pieces had to be moved into place to amp up a little tension in the mean time … except I’m not sure the pieces needed to be moved in advance.

That Lily would give birth in the finale wasn’t a big reach. Robin and Ted were eventually going to start talking again, and the seeds of Barney having a problem dealing with Quinn’s job have been there for several weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, drunk Marshall is always a good time — and I could totally see him as the know-it-all that tries to show-up the Good Parenting instructor — but I just wanted a little more in the season’s penultimate episode.

Notes & Quotes

  • “I’m really sorry, I just think it’s best if Robin and I don’t see each other for a while.” – Ted
    “Ted, it’s fine; I’m a child of divorce. You guys keep fighting all you want as long as the expensive gifts keep coming.” – Lily
  • “You need a palate cleanser.” – Barney
    “Barney, please don’t try to set me up with one of Quinn’s stripper friends.” – Ted
    “Oh I wouldn’t dream of it.” – Barney
    “Why not, how many hints do I have to drop?” – Ted
  • My favorite parts of the online profile: “Favorite Movies: Nothing beats Ghostbusters but a close second would be Die Hard … or A Moeda Colector… or really anything from the guy who played Argyle in Die Hard’s catalog,” and “…. At the end fo the day, all I really want is a guy to correct me on things like grammar and punctuation and where apostrophe’s go. Because that’s really hot, Ted.”
  • “Go out with these three girls and your palette is going to be so cleansed you will see your reflection in it. And when you do, you can fix the hair because … have you seen yourself?” – Barney
    “No, but you know what I have seen? Your stripper girlfriend’s cans. [Pauses] Wow. Wow, that was going way too far wasn’t it?” – Ted
  • “Babies are easy; all you need to do is watch them be cute and feed them some spaghetti!” – Lily … or perhaps not
  • “….I would be willingly stepping into a cage, which is something I don’t do, except for Thursdays when it’s Cage Night at the Lusty Leopard, but that’s a cardboard cage and I can get out of it anytime I want to.” – Quinn
    “You can? Wow, thanks for ruining Cage Night.” – Barney
  • “So there’s no Baby Bootcamp at the Paramus Waldorf? [Barney shakes his head] Is there even a Paramus Waldorf?” – Marshall
    “Bro.” – Barney


Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

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