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Castle – Follow your heart, and you can’t go wrong

Rick Castle's relationships with Alexis, Martha and specifically Beckett are what distinguishes 'Castle' from the rest of the crime procedurals on television today.

- Season 4, Episode 22 - "Undead Again"

For a show that could be seen as a simple crime procedural, Castle’s heart is pure gold. Castle’s relationship with his partner, his daughter and his mother separate this show from similar fare. What it does share with the competition, though, is the will they/won’t they question. I’ve been supporting the way Castle has played this particular story for several years. Next week, however, will be the big “put up or shut up” moment in the history of that question.

There are many shows on television today with a wonderful dynamic between the leads, where the subtext is an integral part of defining their relationships. Most times, when the subtext graduates to actual text, the dialogue can get corny. But when Castle and Beckett had the conversation that was ostensibly about the victim – but we all knew was truly about themselves – things weren’t corny. These two’s relationship simply works on a basic level. Showrunner Andrew Marlowe has done a great job building the tension between the two all season long, and it looks like next week’s episode could be the tipping point.

However, if it turns out to be another Charlie Brown/Lucy/football moment, it shouldn’t surprise you to you find another name on the byline of next season’s Castle reviews.

If I choose to walk away, one of the things I would most miss about this show is Castle’s home life. The relationship he shares with Alexis could have become a cliché long ago, but they have managed to keep it fresh and – more importantly – believable. Even though there were no hints at the idea Molly Quinn might be leaving the show, I was afraid Alexis might choose a school not located in New York. I fell for that as hard as she did for Castle’s zombie makeup.

I have come to absolutely love the scenes between Martha and Castle, specifically discussing his relationship with Beckett. Martha prods her son into exploring his feelings for his partner, forcing him to come to terms with them. Unfortunately, that prodding can result in Castle coming to the wrong conclusion from time to time.

The :45 Minute Guess: I love it when Castle changes their formula. This week, at the :45 minute mark, it looks pretty clear that Tom is the murderer. Usually this would just end up being a red herring, and that the murderer was someone else we were ignoring. This time I actually believe that Tom is the murder, just because of the way he told Beckett and Castle that they wouldn’t find any evidence.

The Answer: As long as this show ended with Castle in zombie makeup, I couldn’t have cared less who was the mastermind.

Notes & Quotes

  • “I think it’s time to holster the laser guns and be adults.” – Alexis
  • “I’d say this was circa 1870. [everyone looks at him] I did a lot of research on the era. I was writing a book, a comedy about the Civil War. Turns out? Not so funny.” – Castle
    “You don’t say.” – Esposito
  • The smirk that crossed Castle’s face when the “zombie’s” face came into frame was classic.
  • “Why would a zombie go after a curreancy trader? At 4:00AM? In a garage?” – Beckett
    [to Ryan] This one’s easy. [to Beckett] The more intelligent the victim, the more delicious the brains.” – Castle
  • “Only in New York does someone walk down the street dressed as a fricking zombie and walk down the street unnoticed.” – Esposito
  • “Is there a police code for ‘Zombie on the Loose?’” – Castle
  • “Castle, do you really believe in all this zombie stuff? Because I would swear on my Nanna’s grave that Kyle Jennings was dead.” – Ryan
    “No. You know what I do believe in? Driving Beckett crazy.” – Castle
  • “You think he remembers?” – Beckett
    “When a life altering moment occurs, people remember.” – Castle
    “Well, maybe it is too big to deal with. Maybe he can’t face it just yet.” – Beckett
    “Do you think he ever will be?” – Castle
    “Hopefully, if he feels safe.” — Beckett


Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

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4 Responses to “Castle – Follow your heart, and you can’t go wrong”

May 1, 2012 at 5:44 AM

I was just wondering why Lanie wasn’t in this episode.

May 1, 2012 at 8:01 AM

I’m so terrified of a situation where Beckett finds that Castle’s been trying to protect her by keeping her from investigating her mother’s death, perhaps even finding his murder board in his office, which causes her to feel hurt and reverses all the progress they’ve made. I’m hoping that the show wouldn’t do that to us, though.

May 1, 2012 at 3:39 PM

I have to agree, they’re starting to drag it out between Castle and Beckett a bit too long. My guess is that they’ll leave off on an emotional cliffhanger, and then they’ll finally work through it next season. Once the writers release that tension between the two characters though, the show will probably be on its last season; so it’ll definitely be bitter/sweet when it happens. But back to this season, I thought ‘Undead Again’ was the best episode of season four. And unfortunately, I almost had it spoiled for me today. Luckily, before that happened, a coworker at Dish reminded me of dishonline(dot)com. Dishonline is a free streaming site with a huge selection. So, using Dishonline, I ended up catching up on Castle during my lunch. Just in time too, since I overheard some people talking about it only minutes later.

May 3, 2012 at 7:25 PM

I’ve got tired of Alexis and her many angsts (although I love her working with Lanie) so I got my hopes up a bit thinking she may go to Oxford or Standford but I knew that she would end up going to Columbia. Forecast in the first season.

Otherwise, I agree with your review 100%. And if it is another Charlie/Lucy/football ending, I too will be finding another show to watch at 10 on Mondays.

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