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The Celebrity Apprentice – But who’s the real winner?

Expecting Tara? While she and some friends are off recreating their favorite scenes from 'The Cabin in the Woods', I offered to step in as we discovered which of our favorite "celebrities" got named Donald Trump’s special friend.

- Season 12, Episode 14 - "And The Winner Is....."

And then there were two. This season of The Celebrity Apprentice has taken us for quite the ride … it’s never a dull moment in Donald Trump’s world.

I will say this: I generally enjoy the finale, and I was particularly enthused this time by the wise edict to have the “celebrities” do what they do best for the very first time. Why have we never before seen these performers tasked with performing? It would seem logical, yet I feel as if it’s never happened. Did Trace Adkins sing for the win? Did Bret Michaels or John Rich? Did Mama Rivers go under the knife for yet another “age defying” miracle? Not that I recall.

Certainly we could have done without the drama. There were plenty of characters to choose from who could have been asked to deliver and not annoy. Take Adam Carolla, for one, who did a decent job on the show and a great job for team Arsenio. Funny that Trump lauded Adam having “done so well” on the show considering that he got fired in week four, but I did enjoy Adam’s contributions to this final task. And his little secret about his crew back in LA was hilarious.

By the way, although it wasn’t optimal I immediately knew how Arsenio could have used the side shot of Magic Johnson: split screen with Arsenio as if Magic was talking to him! Are they really so uncreative that they couldn’t see that immediately? I was disappointed in the way that “cliffhanger” resolved itself.

If it wasn’t for the pomp and circumstance — I appreciated how much we got to see, but couldn’t we get even more of the task? — tonight’s finale would have been a great two hours of TV. What was with the big drum entrance when Trump’s limo pulled up? Does this guy ever watch himself back? And how about the opening shot of him having to get off the phone with the mayor? I’m sure Lost Springs, Wyoming Mayor Leda Price didn’t mind your having to hop off (that’s a little burn for how asinine you sounded!)

I’m not sure why Arsenio won. Not to say that he shouldn’t have, but there should be some explanation to the final verdict. Clay crushed Arsenio in raising money — shockingly so — and I think it would have been only right to substantiate the decision. I know that’s meaningless in Trump’s world, but nevertheless I think it’s fair to ask. Congrats to Arsenio, though, because as crazy as he is he did do a great job.

Some of my favorite moments from tonight:

  • Clay was TOTALLY right to want to see sketches — or something — from Debbie’s cousin. What planet is she on that she didn’t understand that request?
  • I thought the $10,000 Lisa gave to Clay would have been received far differently in the boardroom. I’m kind of surprised Trump didn’t either judge Arsenio for it or give Clay extra points as a result
  • Arsenio telling Trump “Let me get Whoopi” was a deer in the headlights moment. I think it was worse than when people aren’t there to greet him … could Arsenio not handle the moment himself? Let me get Whoopi?
  • Arsenio saying that he never wanted anything so bad in his life. I’m sorry, but given what this is that’s sad, $250,000 for charity or no
  • I found it very interesting: Arsenio and Clay’s duet onstage at the finale completely neutralized Clay’s one strength. Clay is 100 times the better singer, but Arsenio being good enough to get up and sing in front of 6+ million viewers seriously minimized Clay’s sole strength. If the comparison were apt I’d say Clay got completely emasculated right then

What did you think of the finale? What about the season? What “celebrities” are you hoping pop up next season?

Photo Credit: NBC

3 Responses to “The Celebrity Apprentice – But who’s the real winner?”

May 21, 2012 at 7:41 PM

That is all.
I still have yet to catch it, but this final verdict makes no sense to me, based on reviewing it all season.

May 21, 2012 at 8:02 PM

This was like watching the final episode of America’s Next Top Model lately (yes, I went there). One girl has an amazing final photograph, has gone from an average girl to winning the last episodes final photos, does an amazing walk that all the judges love during the final event… but they choose the whinny, bad attitude, almost fell on the runway–moves like a board–girl at the end. (not saying Arsenio is like that, but I bet even the people editing the final task were like “huh?” when Trump announced the winner)

May 21, 2012 at 11:06 PM

Let’s face it, Donald Trump picked Arsenio because he saw more potential to take credit for his (soon-to-be-announced) return to late night TV. Clay is hugely successful right now. What’s in it for Donald Trump by hiring Clay? It’s all about the Trump name. Well, that’s what I said before the start of the season finale. Now I actually believe it!

I enjoyed this season more than most others. Pretty cool how much money they raised too.

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