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Reminiscing about Family Feud – Not Quite Primetime

I’m back for another crack at a weekly column that focuses on the shows you may see from 9-5 during the weekday. Talk shows, game shows, reality TV, reruns, and informational shows are all fair game (and subject to my sarcastic commentary).

It’s the De Jesus family vs. The Wrobel family on this morning’s 11:30 viewing of Family Feud. This is a show I used to watch quite often as a kid. The show featured a couple of differences, however: My generation featured Ray Combs as the host (I am a bit too young to have watched it while Richard Dawson was hosting). I liked Ray. He was like that funny, sort of inappropriate (but still good-natured) friend of the family who’d come to barbecues and annoy your mom. (But yikes, I didn’t know about how his car accident, and subsequent suicide at age 40, until reading up on him just now. That’s really sad.)

This is the first time I ever watched the show with Steve Harvey as host. I liked him a lot! As I researched him a bit, I found that his first performed stand-up at Hilarities Comedy Club right here in my town of Cleveland, Ohio.

The other thing that seemed different is, well, obvious: it no longer looks like an ’80s set. It’s all snazzy and blue (I remember maroon and mustard yellow from my youth).

I thought it would be fun to keep track of my own answers during the show today. (I paused my DVR right after each one to jot down the questions and answer before hearing the contestants’ responses). I have to say, this was pretty fun! Here we go …

1. Name something that a guy likes to swing:

My answer: a bat
#1 answer: baseball bat

(#2 was a golf club. But the DeJesus family was stumped and didn’t even get that one.) Are their any other answers out there that are not sexual? In fact – #5 was “His Dangling Dong.” Is there an inside joke here I’m not aware of? )

2. If perfume smelled like food, what scent would attract a man?

My answer: wings (#4)
#1 answer: beef

Other answers included strawberries (#6), apple pie (X), spaghetti sauce (XX), and french fries (XXX). At this point I’m thinking “beer,” but that’s not exactly a food. (To some.) The De Jesus family won back the board with pizza,which was #3.

3. Name something a husband knows he has to do to keep his wife happy.

My answer: Clean the house
#1 answer: Clean/chores

Other answers were: work/make money; “deliver” in bed; buy gifts/flowers; let her win/agree, listen; and like her cooking. Even Steve Harvey seemed annoyed at these answers.

It’s too bad that “Treat her with kindness” and “Compliment her,” both offered by male members of the De Jesus family, were met with Xs. In fact, the DeJesus family did not get any of the remaining answers besides the first one that put them on the board. The Wrobels came back with the all-important “Take care of the kids.” Why didn’t I think of that? That should have been my answer. But that wasn’t there either!

4. Name something you’d hate to discover your dog had buried in the backyard.

My answer: Dead bird/animal
#1 answer: The cat/dead animal

I’ll have to admit that when one of the Wrobel women said, “My diamond ring,” I nodded because I was thinking the same thing. Although I don’t know how I would “discover” that being that it would be so small that I probably wouldn’t even realize that it was there. I’d be checking the pipes under the sink first.

When a Wrobel family member said, “His owner,” I laughed. But the #2 answer was actually “A body/body parts.” While that is related, how can they count that as an answer that is correct? (And, more importantly, why am I analyzing this like it’s a question on the SAT?)

Apparently dogs also like to bury: Your money/wallet (#3) and My shoes/slippers (#4).

Now, these Wrobels aren’t too savvy (either that or they don’t like winning). When Steve told one of them that there was one answer remaining, with two strikes, and if they missed it then the De Jesus family could steal and win the game, what answer did she give?

Your car.

Okay …

Now for the 20-second, 200-point, $20,000 final round. Let’s see how I stack up against these answers!

1. Name a kind of food you see an ad for on TV and instantly get hungry for.
My answer: pizza
#1 answer: pizza

2.  Name something you might buy for a new bed.
My answer:  pillows
#1 answer: pillows

3. Name something a woman expects a guy to do on the first date.
My answer: pay
#1 answer: open doors

4. On a scale of 1-10, how stressful is being a parent?
My answer: 10
#1 answer: 10 (duh)

5. Name something you climb.
My answer: a tree
#1 answer:  ladder

With the exception of my last answer (a tree? Couldn’t I have at least said “stairs?”) I think I did pretty well. Of course, here in the comfort of my own home, with no pressure, it’s easy to say that.

What memories of Family Feud, if any, do you have? And which host do you remember?

Photo Credit: GSN

2 Responses to “Reminiscing about Family Feud – Not Quite Primetime”

July 6, 2012 at 3:21 PM

I go way back with Family Feud so Richard Dawson is the host I remember the best. He always seemed so horny though, like the drunk Uncle that hits on your friends at the
We had the home game, (it is soo easy when you play at home, no stress) One game the question was..”what..when you drop on the floor is hard to find?” Pin would be my first guess, but my college educated smartass brother was up..and he thought..and thought..and thought..then the rest of us started to harass him and tell him to hurry up that we needed an answer..and his answer was…ready for it?..MILK ! We laughed our asses off!!!!! That had to be 20 years ago and at just about every family gathering..someone will say..Everyone..freeze…we dropped the milk and can’t find it!!!! He just pouts and rolls his

July 7, 2012 at 9:41 AM

Toni,that made me crack up! Thanks!

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