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Futurama – Zoidberg’s ventriloquist act

Hey 'Futurama,' do you need a scene stealing lovable mudbug to perform a grotesque vaudeville show? WHY NOT ZOIDBERG?

- Season 7, Episode 7 - "The Six Million Dollar Mon"

After a less than adequate episode last week, I was really looking for some kind of improvement. Hermes’ firing seemed padded since it took so long to get to the actual plot of the story … although I do love any excuse for a Paul Lind impersonation. When we did get to the main story, I kept thinking of Jonathan Coulton’s song “Better,” about a man whose girlfriend slowly gets cybernetic enhancements until she’s just a soulless mecha robot. So yeah, pretty much the exact plot of the episode. I just wish we got to see more of Hermes motivation for the implants. Is it because he felt inadequate at work or because he felt defenseless in the park? His frustration could have been more of a focus to make the ending that much more meaningful.

I was happy to see Dave Herman back as Roberto, even though Roberto might be gone for good. But then again, Calculon died a few episodes ago, so maybe they’re slowly killing off all the robots on purpose only to bring them back in a big episode? Side note: I was surprised they actually showed the execution, since it was pretty gruesome. You’ll notice it’s the same room and machine that almost executed Bender in the 2nd Xmas episode.

The best part of the episode hands down (pun intended, maybe?) is the incredibly morbid B-story of Zoidberg making a ventriloquist dummy out of Hermes’ discarded body parts. I was really in the dark about where they were going with it until I saw the comedy club. Even before he got on stage I was laughing like crazy. Besides the joy of listening to Billy West do Zoidberg doing Hermes’ voice, I love that this is what the crazy lobster comes up with … and his act is pretty good! It’s nice to see Zoidberg succeed every once in a while. Honestly, the idea of that dummy is just so morbid but because it’s Zoidberg and Zoidberg’s adorable, it works! And I can’t believe they did a “Monster Mash” homage in July.

Oh, and kudos for Helper’s grave in the robot graveyard — a unexpected but delightful Venture Bros. reference.

All the Best Quotes:
“This Episode Worth 250 Futurama Points” — Title Card

“Let the interviews begin! Good luck everyone but Zoidberg.” — Hermes

“This here’s a muggin’! Hand over your skin!” — Roberto
“My ebony splendor?! Me don’t tink so!” — LaBarbara

“Is that a harpoon in your chest?!” — LaBarbara
“Yes! And I’m happy to see you!” — Hermes

“Welcome back, old friend! I missed you terribly.” — Zoidberg
“You do everything terribly.” — Hermes

“Beloved Killer and Maniac” — Roberto’s Epitaph

“You can’t force me to operate!” — Professor
“Maybe not, but perhaps I can encourage you … with my encouragement drill!” — Mecha Hermes

“Does anyone else find it freaky that Zoidberg is singing harmony with himself?” — Amy


Photo Credit: Comedy Central

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