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Thanks to A&E’s Coma press kit, my new lunch box rocks

A&E's miniseries 'Coma' press kit initially had me wondering just how far these networks were going to go with promoting their shows.

… And then I opened the package (pictured under the cooler) and, luckily, no human heart, kidney, lungs, penis, or other miscellaneous body parts. Nope, just the press booket and screeners. And here I thought A&E was going to outdo the Chicago Code press kit’s absurdity. Pshaw! (In case you hadn’t heard, we were sent a frozen Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, in a cardboard box with dry ice — incidentally, the pizza was awesome, but playing with dry ice with my 7-year-old son: more awesome)

You’ve got to admit, though — that’s going to be one awesome lunch box I take to work every day.

Catch A&E’s Coma miniseries early this November.

Photo Credit: Keith McDuffee

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One Response to “Thanks to A&E’s Coma press kit, my new lunch box rocks”

August 3, 2012 at 4:43 PM

I recently had a look at the original newly released on Blu-ray and it still holds up. Curious to see how they adapt this into a two-night event.

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