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Breaking Bad – Walt and Jesse trust Mike way, way too much

"You guys thought of everything!" Did we believe those words from Todd for one second? One of the most gripping episodes of 'Breaking Bad' this season shows just how rough things are getting ... and will continue to get.

- Season 5, Episode 5 - "Dead Freight"

I knew I didn’t trust Todd the moment he mentioned the nanny cam to Walt and Jesse a few episodes ago. He either seemed too shifty or … well, too dumb to be anything but trouble for the guys. Sure, his warning to them about the hidden camera was helpful, but something just smelled off. That especially came to a head in this episode, even before its final scene. He was asking way too many questions, and Walt and Jesse were much too comfortable in providing answers. I have to say, it actually didn’t make any sense.

What hit me about Todd’s involvement with the train heist — which, by the way, had me at the edge of my freakin’ seat for half the episode — isn’t so much that Walt and Jesse trusted Todd too much, it’s that they trust Mike too much. From the beginning of this season, both of these guys have put an incredible amount of trust in Mike to handle nearly every aspect of the business, as well as adding personnel to the dwindling payroll. These are people Walt and Jesse very easily and quickly trust that Mike has vetted them properly and has all their best interests in mind. The thing is, the only person Mike is looking out for … is Mike.

Initially I thought Todd was put into the story to be a loose end they’d eventually have to deal with, having him squawk to the wrong people or, quite simply, screw up entirely. While that still might come to be, I’m less convinced of it. Instead, it put a larger target on Mike as being what could be the downfall of this business, as long as it suits his interests just fine. In fact, as long as he’s able to get whatever money he earns to his granddaughter, without the law taking it away from her, he’d likely be fine going to jail. Nothing’s more dangerous than a man who cares that little about his own well being.

At least for now, though, Mike still has unfinished business to take care of, hence bringing in guys like Todd to neaten up other loose ends. I’d like to know if Mike brought in cold-hearted killer Todd later, once Walt and Jesse knew they’d be using the bug-killing business as a front. It would not shock me to learn Todd was never a member of the Vaminos Pest team, yet he’s one of Mike’s “guys” from other jobs.

Though, to this point, Walt and Jesse have trusted Mike much too much, the actions of this fantastic episode should certainly change their outlook quite a bit. Whatever it is about Todd we question now should be revealed. Mike will more than likely justify Todd killing that poor kid as saving all their asses from jail, but in the end he’d have been just as fine with it if it only meant his hide being saved, not anyone else’s.

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