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Big Brother – No one’s buyin’ what Boogie’s selling

Boogie is desperate to know who influenced Shane to nominate him, and he's going to be really surprised when he finds out it's not who he thinks it is. But can fake tears and promises of safety keep him in the 'Big Brother' house?

- Season 14, Episode 18

Boogie is stunned his plan didn't work

The Big Brother House Guests are still feeling the repercussions of Shane’s awkwardly worded nominations earlier in the week, because Frank and Boogie don’t seem to understand that this is a game where you have to take out your strongest competition. Frank pointed out that he’s never voted once since the season started because he’s been on the block four times and HOH twice. And he still questions why he’s nominated. Luckily, the guy seems to be some kind of math whiz (or can count really fast) and saved his hide in the POV competition … meaning he will actually get to vote this week!

Someone not voting, however, is Boogie. Janelle was right when in her exit interview she called Boogie a loser. Let’s just add big baby to the list as well. I’ve never seen anyone else go on such a witch hunt to find out why they were nominated (or who influenced the HOH). The second the nomination ceremony was over, he and Frank started to ponder who in their Silent Six alliance convinced Shane to put them up. Was it Britney? Someone who’s name came out of Boogie’s mouth when asking Ian who he would nominate if he won HOH? Was it Dan, Boogie’s biggest threat in the game? While Boogie annoys the heck out of me, it was hilarious watching him try to sniff out who ever it was that whispered his name into Shane’s ear. It’s even funnier knowing that he has absolutely no clue that Ian is the culprit! Little unsuspecting Ian turns out to have been the mastermind behind Boogie’s (hopeful) demise.

And it’s admirable that the Quack Pack is doing all they can to protect him. Poor, clueless Shane is terrible at lying though, and if anyone blows the secret of the Quack Pack alliance, it will be him. He’s not a quick thinker when confronted, and Britney briefly became Public Enemy Number One when Shane threw her under the bus by saying she was the one who told him that Frank and Boogie were coming after them. Except he didn’t see that as throwing her under the bus, and Britney had to do some quick damage control to get that target off her back. But doing that put Dan in Boogie’s sights, and while he denied having any part in the nominations he took the heat to protect Ian. But how much longer can that protection last?

Unfortunately for Dan, that protection is probably going to cost him in the next round of nominations — if Frank should win HOH again — because Boogie’s desperation to stay had him crawling to every person in the house to put a bug in Shane’s ear that they all wanted Dan out. Boogie’s ploy, though, seemed to have fallen on mostly deaf ears. He tried to sway Shane to make Dan the replacement nominee, he went to work on Jenn, Joe and Ian (still believing he has Ian’s vote … and will Ian’s cover be blown at the eviction ceremony when the votes are cast?), and then he even “cried” for Britney … after saying in the DR how sharp she is, but still thinking she’d fall for his crocodile tears. Her blank-faced reaction was priceless. But of all the House Guests, the only one to actually talk to Shane about Dan (at least the only one we saw) was Jenn. And guess what that got her — a seat next to Boogie, who was stunned that his little game of manipulation did not go his way.

And he’s been working the house all week to save his sorry ass, and it’s going to take a miracle to keep him in the game with certain votes from Britney, Dan, Danielle and Ian against him. Frank and, most likely, Ashley are the only sure votes to keep him, and I’m pretty sure Joe will vote to evict as well (especially now that Joe has allegedly claimed that Frank or Boogie cheated during the POV competition, as seen on the live feeds when the producers weren’t busy cutting them off so we couldn’t actually be that fly on the wall Julie promises us we can be). But with Jenn out of play for a vote, Boogie doesn’t really stand a chance of staying. And if he does get the majority vote to stay, then they may as well hand him the check right now. And really, do any of these people think they’ll beat him in the end if they keep him? Why do they want to keep him around? This isn’t Survivor, where you need a strong player to help the tribe win challenges. Why is it too early to make a “big” move with only a few weeks left in the game? Getting rid of Boogie now is the best move they can make.

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4 Responses to “Big Brother – No one’s buyin’ what Boogie’s selling”

August 23, 2012 at 7:54 AM

I take a different view of the whole situation, because I do like Boogie and this season has made me like him more, but I finish at the same result: There’s no way he stays (barring the impending question mark block having a major impact). I think it’s a shame. I disagree that he was being a baby about his nomination – if anything, he was less emotional about it than most people. Trying to figure out who gave him up is just solid gameplay, and he goes about that in his particular way.

Ian really is in an amazing position and can probably coast to the final five, maybe further. Unless Boogie fails to court Ashley’s vote, Frank will assume that Ian is still with him and his cover remains intact, keeping Ian safe for at least another couple of weeks.

I’m waiting for the moment when Britney turns on Dan. I really don’t like her much anymore, because she’s so catty and mean. She’s an excellent game-player, though, I’ll admit.

If I’m Frank and I win HOH after Boogie’s evicted tonight in the fast forward episode, I’m putting up Britney and Dan and hoping Dan goes home. He’d better keep winning challenges, though, because he is really on his own now.

August 23, 2012 at 1:31 PM

Unfortunately, I’ve seen Boogie’s behavior in the house beyond the broadcast, so I’m sticking by my description. That brief moment of him and Frank alone right after nominations went on for quite some time before they actually left the room to start the interrogations. You want to talk about a catty and mean conversation? They things they said about Britney and Dan were not exactly words of high praise for being ballsy enough to put them up.

Here’s the thing: they’re playing a game where the objective is to take out the biggest threat in order to advance yourself to the finals. Everyone knows Boogie is a huge threat, so for him to think that he’d never be a target is just his own ego speaking. He keeps saying it’s too early to make a big move like this. It’s not! Especially with double elimination tonight, and only three weeks or so left before the finale. Now is the perfect time to get Boogie out and hope he’s not on the jury. He’s already told Dan that if he’s in the jury and Dan is in the finals, he will make sure Dan gets no votes. His time to go is now. But he’s got people bamboozled like, say, Rob on Survivor. He can sit back and really control the game without anyone realizing they’re being used and then coast through to the win. For someone like Jenn to think she can go to the end with Boogie and win just shows how stupid people get while cooped up in the house (and how good Boogie is at manipulating those who don’t already know his shtick).

On the other hand, I can’t really recall Britney being catty or mean in the game. You mean in the DR? You have to remember, a lot of what is said in the DR is coached along by the producers. They know Britney gives good DR, so I’m sure they help draw out the answers they want to help drive the storyline that’s been constructed, and her biting sarcasm helps illustrate the point and gives us a few laughs … because we’re all thinking the same thing that she’s saying!

August 23, 2012 at 10:14 PM

I see where you’d coming from, but I’m still a Mike Boogie fan. As for Britney, I was mainly talking about the way she talks about people when she’s one-on-one with others (e.g., repeatedly calling Frank a douche to Danielle). This has been consistent behavior with her since her previous appearance on the show. I don’t hold DR sessions against people.

August 24, 2012 at 1:50 AM

I don’t know. I don’t recall Britney ever calling Frank a “douche.” I can’t even fathom her using that word to describe anyone. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. But, come on! Boogie has been the worst at talking about people behind their backs. Especially if they were going against his wishes. He’s a sore loser and an even worse winner. And he’s turned Frank — whom everyone wanted out because he was just so darned likable, as well as a strong player — into a younger, better looking version of himself that everyone wants out now because he’s Boogie Jr. And everyone talks about everyone else in the house when they’re one-on-one with someone, so I don’t think it’s fair to single out Britney (are you sure you’re not thinking of Janelle?!).

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