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2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, and six random thoughts about television

Some quick opinions and observations about a couple of gross sitcoms, a really terrible ebay commercial, and an old TV show about a computerized coffee guy.

The worst thing I saw on TV in 2011

There are a lot of terrible things on television, but one thing stood out last year.

The new CBS This Morning has a lot of potential, thanks to Charlie Rose

CBS tries to set itself apart from the other morning shows, and for the most part, it works.

Hey Brian Williams, what’s your Facebook address?

Sure, it’s great that TV shows are on Facebook and Twitter and Google+. Now if we could only find them.

Thank you, Andy Rooney

A lot of people dump on Andy Rooney. On the eve of his retirement, I defend him.

The Mentalist – How convenient that the bomb had a digital timer!

This weeks presented us with another one of those Mentalist episodes where they fooled you by doing the obvious thing. You get your mind all set to figure it out another way, because you think they won’t go the route of making one of the possible victims the culprit, but then they do and it […]

The Mentalist should stay blind for another episode or two

I’ve started this post three different times. I kept changing what I wanted to write about as the latest episode of The Mentalist (“Bloodshot”) went on. First I was going to talk about how predictable it was that Jane was going to become blind at some point. It’s usually one of the things a TV […]

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