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Nikita – A cliffhanger leading to the season finale

In this episode of ‘Nikita’, we learn that Percy’s grand plan is truly much bigger than a single nuclear bomb.

Nikita – Alex and Sean, sitting in a tree

This episode brings the ‘Nikita’ family some welcome internal conflict and some touching resolution, and builds toward the finale. We learn Nikita’s instincts are not infallible. And Alex and Sean finally kiss!

Is Lost Girl Buffy-lite?

Bo’s dreams are both scary and cathartic — will they help her move on?

Ten reasons Nikita should be saved

If more than just ratings are any indication (we’re talking about The CW, after all), Nikita should be renewed — and I can prove it.

Mad Men has a twist to its twists – Guest Clack

Even when ‘Mad Men’ tosses viewers a twist in the plotline, it’s done on its own timeline and in its own way. ‘Mad Men’ experiments with structural elements within its meditative storytelling and never presents a storyline predictably.

House is not a douchebag … or at least don’t call him one

Former CliqueClacker Ruby is back, guest-clacking this week’s episode of ‘House’, “Love is Blind.”

Desperate Housewives – Another one bites the dust

Ridiculously fast paced and stuffed with drama, the mid-season finale of ‘Desperate Housewives’ arrived early with more laughs, more intrigue, more mystery, and more Renee Perry!

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