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The crazy circus has come to town — yep, The Bachelor’s back!

In the three-ring circus that is ‘The Bachelor,’ this may be the craziest installation to date. And that’s saying a whole lot. Pass the cotton candy.

by Jane Graves

2012 TV mid-season premiere and return schedule and calendar

Here’s our fully-updated 2012 mid-season schedule for what’s premiering on TV, and when. We will update it regularly, along with the subscribable calendar. Check back often!

by Keith McDuffee

Ratings Clack – Daylight savings is never good for ratings

As has become the norm, when the weather gets nice and the clocks spring forward, television ratings take a hit. We saw it again this week as ‘Idol’ hit a surprising low, and the newly renewed NBC comedies took a ratings boot to the crotch.

by Brett Love

Ratings Clack – Spring premieres and the return of Event and SGU

As we turn the clocks forward, the spring premieres are getting fired up on the networks, including ‘Secret Millionaire’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, and the return of ‘The Event’. On cable, ‘Breakout Kings’ debuted, and ‘Stargate Universe’ is back.

by Brett Love

Girls telling all and behaving badly on The Bachelor

In this sit down “chat,” the women of ‘The Bachelor’ tell all. Which is code for “overshare” and “cry a lot.”

by Jane Graves

Ratings Clack – Charlie Sheen wins

You couldn’t go anywhere last week without hearing about Charlie Sheen. TV, twitter, facebook… Not even our local comic convention was Sheen-free. When will it end? No time soon, if the ratings are to be believed.

by Brett Love

The Bachelor’s Wild Kingdom

Paging Marlon Perkins! We’re off to the veldt, where animals run amuck. And emotions do too – without a bikini in sight.

by Jane Graves
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