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Ratings Clack – Falling Skies premieres and the NBA dominates

TNT was the big story on cable with the premiere of ‘Falling Skies’. On the broadcast networks, everything again took a back seat to the NBA Finals.

by Brett Love

The Borgias – The sins of the father

In a ‘Borgias’ cliffhanger season finale, Pope Alexander finds himself fighting for his life just s he realizes how badly his actions have hurt his children. All of the seasons plot lines culminate into a moving, well-earned finale.

by Christina Furtado

Ratings Clack – True Blood, Dallas, and Burn Notice premiere

Cable again took center stage with season premieres for ‘True Blood’, ‘Burn Notice’, and Suits, along with series premieres for ‘Bunheads’ and ‘Dallas’. On the broadcast networks, if the NBA and the NHL played football, the score would be 35 to 10.

by Brett Love

The Borgias – The family falls apart

This week on ‘The Borgias,’ the family disintegrates in a way that Alexander hardly sees coming. Meanwhile, though the threat of Savonarola is contained, the threat of poisoning looms. Will Alexander lose some of this season’s softness when he deals with the fallout?

by Christina Furtado

Ratings Clack – Premiere week on cable and the Game Of Thrones finale

Cable took center stage with nine big premieres and some very encouraging finale numbers for HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’. On the broadcast networks, NBC remains at the head of the class thanks to ‘America’s Got Talent.’

by Brett Love

The Borgias – Brothers at each other’s throats

The tension between Juan and Cesare ramps up this week. How long will it be before they openly plot to kill each other? Also, Alexander needs to get in the game, a Sforza returns home, Della Rovere gets closer to vengeance, and Lucrezia gets to have both cakes and eat them too.

by Christina Furtado

Ratings Clack – Finales hit lows for Idol, DWTS, and Apprentice

Finale week wasn’t exactly great for some of the older reality shows. ‘Idol’, ‘Dancing WIth The Stars’, and ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ were all up. But they were all at series low levels for their finales.

by Brett Love
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