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Poll: Favorite unlucky actor

Who’s your favorite actor who can’t catch a break? They’re wildly talented but their shows keep getting canceled or their characters killed! My money’s on Mark Valley, Tracie Thoms and Judy Greer; what about you?

by An Nicholson

In Plain Sight Interview – Mary McCormack and Fred Weller

Have you ever met Mary Shannon? Well, I have. Let me tell you, don’t make her angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. During the conference call, I learned what’s in store for ‘In Plain Sight’s’ fourth season, including Mary’s pregnancy.

by An Nicholson

The Mentalist kept me guessing … and still does

After three seasons of wondering and guessing, the third season finale of ‘The Mentalist’ finally revealed Red John to be … Bradley Whitford? Not likely, I say.

by Keith McDuffee

Another West Wing guest star on In Plain Sight

One of my favorite actors guest stars on ‘In Plain Sight.’ Who would have thought, though, that he’d play crazy so well?

by Ivey West

Bradley Whitford is making me sad

Is ‘The Good Guys’ a great trip back to an old style of television, or a terrible experiment in trying to relive the past? It sucks, so you tell me.

by Aryeh S.

Does The Good Guys remind anyone else of Keen Eddie?

I dunno, did the British accents just get me going tonight, or is there a distinct similarity between ‘The Good Guys’ and ‘Keen Eddie’?

by Debbie McDuffee

The Good Guys – ’70s cop show goodness

I know you miss the action-packed ’70s. Well … now you can revel in them once again.

by Michael Noble
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