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Saving Grace – Hanadarko’s family from a guy seeking revenge

(Season 3, Episode 3) Saving Grace does family very well, from the family dynamic that has developed in the squad room to the extended family that Grace was born into. It’s the latter that took focus this week, as a criminal from Grace’s past targets members of her family. Church bombings to sniper fire, Grace’s […]

by Ivey West

Hawkeye Pierce, John Carter, Joshua Lyman – It’s the characters, stupid

No drama can be truly great without well written and developed characters. It is why video game movies rarely work, it is why I think The Stand is one of the greatest works in contemporary literature, and it’s why I love television as a dramatic medium. TV, by its nature, gives the audience the opportunity […]

by Ivey West

ER – 15 years and 24 hours later

That, as they say, is that. With nods to both the past and the future, ER completed its 15-year run on Thursday night. It was an evening of something old (the return of numerous show alumni), something new (the introduction of a new generation of docs), something borrowed (a few homages to the very first […]

by Richard Keller

ER – Finale live blog and chat

Doctors and nurses, we have come to an end of an era. After 331 episodes, and the same number of cast changes, ER comes to an end this evening. Being that we are a nation that now needs to comment on absolutely, totally everything I thought it would be a good idea to open up […]

by Richard Keller

The dead docs of ER

As the very last season of ER winds down to a close it’s time to reflect on what has happened over the last 330 episodes. The one thing that comes to mind is death. Lots and lots of death. Not just the deaths of patients, nurses, helicopter pilots, ambulance drivers, tank drivers, convenience store owners, […]

by Richard Keller

Episode 330 of ER – Always look on the bright side of life

Second to last. When you’re being picked for a kickball team, second to last is a good thing. When you’re talking about the end of a long-running series, second to last is not something you want to happen. Unless you’re one of those folks who thinks ER should have ended 13 seasons ago. For you, second to […]

by Richard Keller
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