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HBO’s Game Change is non-partisan (and other uncomfortable realities) – Clacking with Julia

Did you watch ‘Game Change’ and wonder about if it was partisan or not? Because if so, you weren’t asking the right questions.

by Julia Hass

Game Change – It’s (mostly) Sarah’s fault

As much as the makers of the HBO movie ‘Game Change’ would like us to believe that the film portrays Sarah Palin in a fair & sympathetic light, it’s hard to overlook the conclusion it reaches.

by Meredith O'Brien

Big Love – Bill Wins One, Loses One

Big Love delved deeper into parallel storylines in “Sins of the Father.” Bill’s campaign for State Senate achieved a milestone, while his campaign to overcome his “Lost Boy” background hit a speed bump as the family tried to come to terms with his encouraging Ben to leave home.

by Meredith O'Brien
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