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The Pushing Daisies comic is coming … maybe

It’s been two long years since we last saw the Pie-Maker and company from the charming and wildly colorful ‘Pushing Daisies.’ Rumors of a comic book have circulated since the show’s cancellation, but could that “third season” finally be a reality?

by Chuck Duncan

TV on DVD for July 21st

We’re still a week away from the #1 DVD release of the summer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fine wares hitting shelves this week. A few of USA’s favorite characters show up, with season sets for Psych and Monk. Speaking of characters, has any show had a more unique collection of them than […]

by Brett Love

Ratings Clack – Rekindling the late night wars

That didn’t take long. When Conan debuted on the Tonight Show, his premiere soundly defeated Letterman. Of course, as expected, the curiosity of the premiere wore off immediately, and the numbers began to drop. Things really got interesting last week as we started seeing the first signs that the late night war is back on. […]

by Brett Love

Ratings Clack – Burn Notice and Royal Pains off to a good start

Yes, the boys over at USA earned the headline this week. There just really wasn’t that much to talk about where the networks were concerned. For example, CBS was the most watched network on three different nights, with a combination of repeats and one episode of Million Dollar Password.  It was much more interesting seeing […]

by Brett Love

Pushing Daisies – Only one more to go

At least we’ll have the comic book continuation. It’s worked tremendously well so far for Farscape, Buffy and Angel. That said, Pushing Daisies charm is so much in the narration, the bright pastels and the whole tone of it visually and aurally that I fear it will be lost in the translation to a words-and-static-images […]

by Jason Hughes

Ratings Clack – The real power of CBS crimetime

We’ve talked about it before, but it’s worth bringing up again as we kick off the summer viewing season. The various CBS crime shows don’t get all the sexy press coverage that things like Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, or Heroes do, but they still manage to compete very well in new episodes. Where they really shine […]

by Brett Love

The Pushing Daisies swan song begins

Oh, Pushing Daisies (or PDubs, as I like to refer to you privately where no one can make fun of me), I missed you. I missed you so very much. I missed your colors, I missed your beauteous cinematography (or is it telematography in this case?). I even missed your terribly wonderful puns (the “Rock […]

by Julia Hass
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