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Quotation Marks – Bazinga, Ice Bullets, and the Sue Sylvester Express

Its hard to imagine that we won’t be getting any new Sue Sylvester quotes until Glee comes back in April. She’s easily the most quotable new character on television (I don’t know how Julia will be able to get through the winter!), and this weekly column will miss her barbs, insults, and observations. But with […]

by Ivey West

Quotation Marks – Van Halen, vampires, and vamps

Dollhouse “The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates.” — Topher Big Bang Theory “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” — Sheldon “Just fine … ah dude, the fourth Harry Potter movie was just fine!” — Raj — “[fine is] […]

by Ivey West

Quotation Marks – Singles, Snipers, and Zimas

We’re in the midst of it all now. This week the Emmy’s (un)officially kicked off the new fall season with an outstanding performance by host Neil Patrick Harris, Glee turned in a killer episode, and we saw the first cancellation of the season. One more week and most of the new fall shows will have […]

by Ivey West

Quotations Marks – Bones, Devito, and Dick Cheney

The fall season is not yet in full effect, but I could barely tell that from the way my mailbox blew up this week with tons of quotes. With so much fresh content, and so many great quotes, we’re back to limiting the amount of quotes per show … but that means we’d like to […]

by Ivey West

Quotation Marks – Devito’s got quirk, Glee’s got luftballons, and Psych’s Shawn’s got bananas

Pulling quotes from our favorite TV shows is one of my favorite things to do (true story), but why limit our quotes to just the shows, when celebrities — and some of CliqueClack’s greatest — say some of the darnedest things?  So, from time to time, we figured we’d share some of those funny lines. Quotes […]

by Ivey West
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