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Sarcasm: That’s what it’s all about *clap, clap*

News Flash: A study shows wiseacrey can make you a better, more productive person. Really. Read on …

by Michael Noble

Clacking With Julia – This feminist revolution will not be televised (and should not be blogged)

The Daily Show and feminist bloggers go at it in this episode of Julia Chooses Between Two Things She Loves.

by Julia Hass

Five things the Oscars can learn from The Golden Globes

During our live-blog/chat of The Golden Globe Awards, I was struck by how efficient this awards show was. People got in, got their awards, and got out. Yet it still managed to be entertaining, with host Ricky Gervais delivering a number of great one-liners (“I love having a drink as much as the next guy… […]

by Kona Gallagher

Community – I’m in love with Abed

Look, NBC is still on my shit list for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the cancellation of Life, and let’s not even talk about the entire 10:00 hour. However, I will say that the Thursday night lineup they have this season is the best one they’ve had in years. I’m […]

by Kona Gallagher

Oh Reza, my Reza – Open Letters

Dear Reza Aslan, I swear to God, I am not a shallow person. Usually. I mean, do I have my totally awful moments of objectifying dudes when I really shouldn’t? Of course. I’m human, okay. Anyone who says they don’t do this is a filthy liar. Now, there’s this whole thing going on in Iran […]

by Julia Hass

Stewart and Oliver lie back, think of England

Maybe it’s because I have British friends so this becomes ten times more hilarious, maybe it’s because I’m enchanted by John Oliver’s dimples, or maybe it’s just that I find it so gosh-darn adorable when other countries try to have scandals, but I thought that last night’s second segment on the Daily Show was beyond […]

by Julia Hass

Best of the Daily Show and Colbert Report – This week in torture

Though Obama released Bush Era torture memos ten days ago, they’re still all anyone in the news media (both real and fake) has been able to talk about since. I can’t really say why. Perhaps they take a very long time to read? Perhaps people are comforted by finding something even more depressing than the […]

by Julia Hass
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