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This is Shape Up With Pickles Week (whatever that means)



OK, I think this gets a spot on the Top 10 Weirdest Food Holidays list.

We’re smack dab in the middle of Shape Up With Pickles Week, that annual celebration where we are all supposed to … what exactly? I’m assuming we’re supposed to eat them, but are we also supposed to exercise with them too? Maybe get the two biggest pickles we can find and put them in each hand like dumbbells? Maybe get a barrel of pickles and bench press it?

It almost sounds like the name of a local exercise program on cable access, Shape Up With Pickles! Every week, health and fitness expert Pickles O’Hara will guide you through the world of healthy foods and what exercises you should do to keep the pounds off! Thursdays at 6:30pm!

I only eat pickles during the spring and summer. I know, that’s kinda odd, but the only time I want to have pickles is when I have them with a sandwich or in tuna fish, stuff like that, and I only eat those things in the warmer months for the most part. So I won’t be celebrating Shape Up With Pickles Week, but I encourage you to knock yourself out and do things with pickles for the next few days.

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