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New Year’s Eve rack of lamb and baked lime custards – Lick My Lens

How wrong is it that instead of out partying with friends, I sit here at my laptop, reminiscing about the spectacular meal I ate just a few short hours ago? I guess it makes me a mother of a young child, over 40 and a definite foodie.

Just like last year, Keith and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at around 7:00, with a fancy dining room table meal with the now 6-year-old. We decided to fancy up last year’s rack of lamb (the pre-seasoned Trader Joe’s version) and make this recipe for roast lamb with lamb sausage crust and grape pan sauce from Epicurious instead.

Words cannot describe how worth it making this recipe was. It was a lot more work than Trader Joe’s, but every bite was heaven. Although I kept thinking that this meal probably would have killed Kona. …

We served the lamb and sauce with rice cooker drunken risotto and haricots verts with fresh sage and pancetta (which admittedly were leftovers that Bob made for our Christmas celebration the night before).

For dessert we tried La Tartine Gourmande’s baked lime custards with raspberries. The flavor combination of lime, ginger, coconut milk and raspberries is so perfect and the texture so light that I didn’t even mourn the fact that my dessert wasn’t chocolate. This will be the next dessert we serve for guests.

You may be out partying, but I’m about to go to the fridge for a second lime custard. I wouldn’t trade places with you for all of the champagne in the world. Although if you offered me lime custard, I might be in a bit of a quandary.

Photo Credit: Keith McDuffee, Debbie McDuffee

One Response to “New Year’s Eve rack of lamb and baked lime custards – Lick My Lens”

January 5, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Those beans look delicious… Also an epicurious recipe if folks are curious.