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Fast Food Generation


In Memoriam – The Taco Bell dog

What a summer! There probably hasn’t been a time in recent memory that we’ve lost so many A-list personalities within a short period of time. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Walter Cronkite — all passing away within a few weeks of each other. As all of the attention was focused on these […]

Fast Food Generation – The Las Vegas edition

There will come a time during your Las Vegas vacation where you will no longer be able to eat another crab leg from the buffet, one more seared eel in lamb pee from the celebrity chef restaurant, or an additional 99 cent shrimp cocktail. This is about the time that will need to have one of […]

There be fresh meat in Jake’s Hamburgers

When a restaurant says their specialty is ‘handmade’ something-or-other one tends to be a bit skeptical. Particularly when it comes to hamburgers. Sure, they can say they’re ‘handmade,’ but they usually mean at the factory where the patties are pre-cooked, flash frozen, and packed for delivery. Not the case with Jake’s Hamburgers. When they say their burgers […]

I like Moe’s, but I love Chipotle – Fast Food Generation

A few weeks ago Keith McDuffee (or, as we call him at CliqueClack Central, Your Highness) wrote up a little item comparing three nationally-known burrito shops – Chipotle, Moe’s and Qdoba. After presenting their strong and weak points he came to the absolute and total conclusion that… um, they were all good. Hey, we may […]

Oh Subway! You just lost a customer

It was a typical day in Anystate, U.S.A. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and passers-by were getting tagged by gangs of spray paint-wielding young adults. As usual, I was in my palatial 9 square foot cubicle, emailing angry correspondence to customers in order to ensure my seven-figure salary. Around noon I began […]

Fast food + nearby schools = fat teenagers

When I was a kid, lo those many scores ago, schools were never built around retail and food outlets. They were on hills. Steep hills. Hills that you had to climb upwards, both ways, without shoes, during daily blizzards, while hauling a sack of coal on your back (since you worked in the mines before […]