Person of Interest brings Valentine’s Day to Christmas


Love is in the holiday air for this week’s ‘Person of Interest.’ In Til Death, Mark Pellegrino guest stars as a murdering lovestruck spouse while Reese flirts with Carter, Carter flirts with a new love interest, Fusco flirts with his girlfriend, and Finch flirts with his ex-fiancee.


The Reese and Carter match up is like the crush you have on the high school quarterback. Sure, you’re the tiny girl with a ponytail and too-short bangs. Sure, he’s the 6-foot goliath with the stone-blue eyes and the fox-cold smile, but everytime you’re together he smiles at you and you think it’s going to happen. Then he runs off with his genius best friend or the leggy prom queen and you’re back to square one. This week, Person of Interest didn’t just return to the old Reese and Carter relationship, it made love this week’s theme by relaying Finch’s courtship of his fiancée, introducing new love interests for Fusco and Carter and reconciling a love-ruptured-turned-assassins couple.While this week didn’t incorporate the Machine’s backstory, it still felt full, warm and fun due to the three overlapping couple stories. Although not much happened in the way of overarching story development, this is my favorite episode so far.

“Ever feel like moving on?” – Reese

I’ll tackle the Carter-Reese stakeout first because it returned to the season one chemistry while augmenting it. Season one Reese would not have asked or cared about Carter’s love life. And, season one Carter wouldn’t’ve revealed as much about her marriage. In our interview, Henson stated she hoped she’d learn more about her character’s husband. And, this week we do. But, we still don’t know if her husband died in action or they divorced. While I’m glad the show didn’t return to Jessica, it still has last season’s dangling plot line where Carter and Reese still need to discuss Carter’s knowledge and Reese’s past feelings. I’ve noticed that whenever Carter or Zoe ask John about his relationships or himself, he’s always saved by the bell. Smart, writers. Very smart. Also, why did Finch interrupt Fusco’s date, when Carter could’ve just staked out the wife while Reese staked out the husband?

Another relationship I loved included Finch’s flashback to his courtship with his fiancée. I love that the costuming, art and lighting continued the coordinated blue palette with the blue wash, the blue bar, Finch’s blue shirt, her blue dress, and Finch’s blue eyes to reflect the past. Interestingly, the blue didn’t detract from the warmth of Finch’s then-burgeoning relationship. And, I loved that as the show transitioned from then to now, we lost the blue tones, but we didn’t lose the deep affectionate. However, the directing connected the opening shot of the cold washed past with the opening shot of the warm toned present by showing Grace wearing a blue dress in both time periods. I must say that Finch is hypnotic as a man in love.

“Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior.” – Finch

Continuing the love trend, I love the growing romance between Finch and Reese. Finch and Reese are perfect partners. In season two’s premiere episodes, Reese talked mysteriously about his only friend, Finch. In this episode, Finch mysteriously referenced re-connecting with a lifelong love. If it isn’t Grace (or stalking Grace), who is it? Maybe Reese and Finch don’t share an erotic romance, but they have a romance full of chemistry and love nonetheless. I enjoyed the first ten minutes of their initial interaction so much, I could’ve continued watched them without introducing other characters. Who didn’t love their flirtatious baseball chatter? Oh, and, NOW Finch also calls Reese John?! What?! Interestingly, Reese still uses Finch’s last name.

“I can’t do everything, Mr. Reese.” – Finch

Despite the love fest, I feared a return to season one’s fractured patterns with Fusco reverting to his shady old self while Reese/Carter check up on him. But, I’m glad that didn’t happen. Although I like Fusco’s lady love, I’m not a fan of Carter’s love interest for incredibly superficial reasons. Look at Carter, she’s hot. She has it going on. She has swagger, hot hair and an incredibly athletic physique. But, this guy … Come on, now! Finch gets Carrie Preston as his love interest, Fusco gets a pretty woman, Reese has himself to hit on. However, Carter gets the world’s worst 1980s pick up line about roses and ashes? What?! Admittedly, it’s partially the haircut. When I saw a couple of pictures of Sterling Brown with a shaved head, I went “HELLOOOO, NURSE!” But, the hair he’s sporting now makes him look like the guy next door. Am I glad that Nolan and crew cast Sterling Brown on the show? Yes, because I love his talent. He’s brilliant. He did his undergrad at Stanford and received a drama MFA from NYU. However, I had my heart set on Szymanski, Snow (until Cara kidnapped him), last season’s finale FBI agent or the hot identity theft cop Fusco worked with last season.

“You don’t look like a police officer.” -Person of Interest/”Thank you.” – Reese

I loved this week’s War of the Roses-esque guest plot starring Mark Pellegrino because I have such a crush on his talent. He throws himself into any role easily and wholeheartedly. He rocked as the scheming, evil Bishop in Being Human. I loved him as the utterly lost father on Grimm. And, this week he displayed his comedic talents as the loving yet un-loving assassin-hiring husband. When you hear shots fired on your property, do you REALLY go out to investigate? And when someone identifies themselves as NYPD, do they need to verify again?

Overall, I enjoyed this week. Despite Thanksgiving last week and multiple holidays around the corner, Person of Interest touched on holiday warmth where we watch the gang interact with and support each other. Is it safe for Fusco to bring someone into the circle of four? What if she’s a plant? Also, isn’t kidnapping the most awkward first date scenario, ever? I love that the show continues to show both Fusco and Carter as competent. During the final scene I sat in wonderment at Carter’s shooting scene. Now I know why Reese wanted to call Fusco first. Either way, I loved this week’s love. Keep up the good work, POI.

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20 Comments on “Person of Interest brings Valentine’s Day to Christmas

  1. I like this episode and the previous episode 7 the best so far. I have only watched episode 8 once, but I thought Carter and Reese stakeout date was so intimate. When I seen the promo, I thought the stakeout was going to be boring like Zoe and Reese fake marriage stakeout in the suburbs. For Reese to even have a conversation using the word “love” shows how comfortable he is with Carter. I thought Beecher was HOT…I forgive him for that weak line to Carter, because Carter isnt an average woman and is probably as rare as they come–he didnt know how to approach a woman like her, but I did not see sparks between them…I mean he wasnt hot for her; he was more like intrigued…it was like a curiosity. I think Carter took Reese’s nudge to move on literally; I think he meant emotionally and mentally and maybe even situationally but not to accept a date with Sgt. Beecher, the first guy we have seen ask her out. Maybe I am wrong? Reese is selfish and will not want to share Carter with Beecher in any capacity.

  2. I’m actually neutral about this episode…maybe because I found the POIs this week so uninteresting. I felt the same way about the episode involving the Brazilian politician’s daughter.

    It would have been good if Reese asked Finch what brought about Finch’s change of heart in deciding not all POIs were worthy of saving. Maybe the outcomes of saving Root and Elias has something to do with it.

    Way to go Fusco in letting Finch and Reese know that some people want to have a normal life and relationships! I hope that his new girlfriend isn’t a mole; she almost seemed a little too interested in his work. And anytime Carter gets decent airtime in an episode it is a big plus. It will be interesting to see what happens with Carter and Beecher, especially when she will answer the sure-to-come calls from Reese and Finch. In a flashback Nathan spoke to Finch about the consequences of lying all the time to someone. Carter may face that something similar if she gets serious with someone and can’t explain her behavior. Having a fellow officer as a boyfriend would make it more difficult to come up with plausible excuses.

    An, you were open to a Carter and Snow hook-up even after Snow tried to kill Reese? Hmmmm. I do think that Snow did actually draw a line when it came to harming Carter, but with the exception of seeing Snow in the bomb vest, Carter should never trust a word that Snow would tell her.

    • Hey Klj,

      I’m surprised you didn’t like this week’s episode. Normally, I’m not a fan of one without a lot plot. But, this one had so much warmth and character development, how could I not like it :)

      • Hey, I didn’t dislike the episode. I just like some episodes – Get Carter, Baby Blue, Flesh and Blood, Many Happy Returns – much much more than this one. I don’t feel any of the season 2 episodes are better than the best of season 1, but we’re only half way through the season 2. And as you noted, nothing much happened as far as advancing the overarching story development. There are so many unanswered questions – especially about some of the characters and their motivations – and loose ends in POI; I think my favorite episodes in season 2 will fill in some of the blanks in the story lines.

  3. I loved this episode and loved your review. The car stakeout with Carter and Reese was the most intimate scene I have ever seen with Reese and a woman outside of Jessica. I may be wrong but that is how I feel. Their glances between each other were less than subtle. Reese was surely flirting with Carter, and Carter did that thing she always does when Reese looks at her too long. I loved that. They are definitely more comfortable around each other and that makes for a great relationship and partnership. They trust each other more than anything else and that was evident in that one scene. I also loved the scene where Reese stuffs the wife in the truck with the husband lol. I loved the conversation following when Carter tells Fusco it is a multiple kidnapping. The way Reese looks at Carter when she says that absolutely melts my heart every time. I need a gif of that pronto. I also loved it when Fusco’s date entered the conversation soon after and the face Reese made was like “I don’t have time for this, Carter let’s go.” Carter is so sweet, she introduces herself even though Reese seems annoyed. Meanwhile, Reese’s face was like “Carter let’s go. Get your fine behind in this car woman.” When Reese calls Carter jumps. I loved that scene. I love the way they compliment each other. Carter is really a ride-or-die chick with Reese because he broke more than a few laws in this episode which he always does. It was just sweet seeing them work together as always :).

    • What does Carter always do after Reese looks at her too long?

      • She is bashful. When she looks at him too long she looks away shyly then smiles. I love it. It’s so cute when she does it.

      • I don’t know why Carter always looks away.But, I love the CaReese interactions ;)

  4. @CrazyforCareese, I agree with everything you stated, your comments were spot on!

  5. Someone mentioned how different it was for Reese to ask Carter does she ever think about moving on, when she was talking about her failed marriage…the typical person would have askd what happened not to move on without knowing the details–[TO ME] what makes it wierder is that he offered the crazy marriage couple, counseling and did not suggest they move on AT ALL!–so why should Carter move on with a child to protect especially when we do not have the details of the breakup, but Reese may have the details. Carter is so clueless about MEN—I want to pull my hair out! When Reese askd, do you ever think about moving on…a correct reponse should have been—(there must be some of that season 1 eye contact that they shared and some of that breathy speaking from Zoe)–and utter “TO WHOM” –okay, okay I jumped two seasons ahead, I’m reining it in [for now].

    • Reese probably knows the details of Carter’s former relationship. Don’t forget that he searched her background during early Season 1 when she was chasing him. He made reference to learning details about her in GET CARTER (Season 1, Episode 9).

      • Hey Gab,

        That’s true. But, wait! I believe Reese learned all about her professional life, but not her personal life. Wasn’t he shocked to learn she had a son? And, even more shocked about the photo in her car?

        • It was Finch who saw the photo in Carter’s car, not Reese.

  6. I rewatched the episode because so many people have seen so much I havent seen on the stakeout date. I saw something maybe I missed before. When Reese asked Carter, you ever think about moving on? and Carter responded, like dating. Okay, I never believed that Reese was talking about dating, but Carter took it that way. But the look on Rees’se face after she thought he was talking about dating and the slight shake of his head confirmed to me that he wasnt talking about dating and he actually looked annoyed by the end of the conversation.

    • Hey Pseudo –

      I didn’t catch the head shake. But, Reese’s personal interest in Carter’s personal life seemed interesting. If a guy asks if you’re ready to move on, I always assume he’s interested. Normally, the friend you discuss that with is someone you’re besties with. Reese never struck me as the girl chat type of guy. Honestly, I’m still shocked he asked that. It shows an intimacy to their friendship, I didn’t think existed. For rescuing each other from burning buildings and learning each other’s secrets without asking directly, yes. But, actually talking? And Sharing? That’s kind of awesome.

  7. I wasnt saying Reese isnt interested in Carter. I think that he wasnt talking about dating and he was annoyed that she took his question to mean “dating” and its obviously that she hadnt considered dating him from the way she talk like they are two buddies who were just chatting. We see how awkward she becomes when a man shows her special interest with det. beecher and from her reaction to the question Reese asked shows she didnt think Reese was hitting on her…I think Reese was sincere with Carter, when he askd her to move on–it wasnt sarcasm or joking. I just think he looked annoyed that she was talking about dating and the mere fact that she talked about dating so freely and it was obvious that she wasnt considering him and he became annoyed. I am misunderstood just like Careese. :-(

    • Pseudo –

      I would never accuse you of implying Reese as lacking interest in Carter. :) I merely talked about my personal perspective in my comment above without any attempt to cast aspersions on your comment. As an audience viewer, I think it’s interesting that a character I never viewed as having emotions, would be sensitive enough to ask another character about her feelings. But, I’m not implying you don’t believe the same as well :) I just can’t stop feeling thunderstruck that Reese would ask if she considered moving on ;)

      • So, An, why do you think Reese asked Carter whether she was ready to move on? I doubt that he would have been, “Great! Let’s start dating” if she had told him that she was ready.

        Carter said that she had no spare time to date. I wonder whether Reese will be very surprised when he finds out that she IS dating.