USA’s Suits returns tonight — here’s a giveaway to celebrate!

‘Suits’ returns tonight after its brief winter break. To mark the occasion, we’re giving away a ‘Suits’ prize pack to one random commenter to this post!


Have you been keeping up with Suits? Then it may be no surprise to you that the show returns to finish off its second season tonight at 10PM on USA. And for those of you who are fans — or those who want to be new fans — we’ve got a prize pack to give away, containing:

Suits Custom Messenger Bag
Suits Season One DVD
Suits Character 6 piece Magnet Set
Suits T-Shirt Set
Suits Can Opener

All you need to do is leave a comment to this post saying something cool about the series or why you want the set — more than just “I want it.” We’ll pick one commenter amongst the comments to this post, completely at random, and alert them after the giveaway ends on Thursday, January, 24 at Midnight ET (make sure your spam filters aren’t blocking mail from!). Only one entry per person per method and you must have a valid U.S.-based mailing address. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents of 18 years of age or older only. Not following these guidelines voids your entry. Good luck!

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28 Comments on “USA’s Suits returns tonight — here’s a giveaway to celebrate!

  1. Harvey is one cool cat but is always great to see when Mike pops up to switch things up. I loved the episode where Harvey comes to take Mike to the casino and questions him not owning a tux. I’m ready to watch more of the drama and see what trouble Lewis Litt tries to start.

  2. As a Liberal Commi Socialist Pinko Hippie to watch a TV show about, uh, Corporate Lawyers seemed a stretch of my belief system. But, ya know what, their just like us folk. Except for Mike’s MAD brain skills, Harvey’s cool and *SIGH* Donna *SIGH*. Also, nice to see Zoe go no with her life after loosing Wash and, no matter what, Louis is the embodiment of weasel.
    Hope I win the stash, it’s 4:30 somewhere.

  3. I already own a suit. Now I’d like to own some accessories to go with it.

  4. Great to see Suits coming back tonight and looking forward to how Mike works out his feelings for the women in his life. Team Rachel!

  5. Best show on television right now. The casting is superb and every episode is extremely captivating. Been anticipating the Suits return for a while now. I need that can opener before I find out what I can alternately use it for!

  6. I have always enjoyed the interplay among the characters. I am looking forward to seeing the bonus extra features on the DVDs.

  7. The law has always been something that I’ve been passionate about and watching this show only makes me love it more

  8. I’m a random commenter!

    I want the set because I’ve heard good things about the show but haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. Also, I’ve been posting here for years and haven’t won anything, so I’d like to get off the schneid.

  9. Suits is just edgy and twisty enough to keep me coming back for more.

  10. I’d like a messenger bag so I can look like Mike on a bike.

  11. I love the show but I’m particularly interested in the “Suits Can Opener” part of the prize pack. Also Donna is awesome.

  12. I want it because the guys are so nice… I mean fun to watch. ;)

    Plus I’m hoping for some Firefly crossovers. :)

  13. i am suits fan and i love the show can’t wait to watch it.

  14. I am utterly IN LOVE with Suits! I’ve always loved to watch legal shows, but Suits definitely stands out from all the rest. There’s never a boring moment and I’m always excited to see the escapades of every single character- even Louis. Okay, maybe especially Louis. XD

    And I want this set so I can become a walking talking advertisement for this amazing series. God help anyone who remarks on the messenger bag or the t-shirt or why I’m clutching a can opener to my chest. Because my Suits fan-girling has absolutely no boundaries. <3

  15. I have always been a fan of USA shows, but Suits, hands down is my top favorite. I love the characters on this show, they are so unique. You never know what they are going to say or do next, it really does a great job of keeping you interested and on your toes.
    Thanks for the chance, what a neat prize :)

  16. Seen the show once at a buddy’s house. No cable. loved the show and would like to see more plus I need a new bottle openere.

  17. I’d love to have a messenger bag; it seems I never have enough room to carry all the “stuff” I need to carry. I took all the fridge magnets off my fridge a few weeks ago so my fridge is lonely for some new ones. I don’t have a working can opener, which results in a time-consuming search for pop top cans. It cuts into my tv viewing time. I love t shirts from tv shows, and…I would need to share the prize with my brother so the season one dvd would help with me probably having to let him have the shirt; or the magnet set, or the bag, or maybe I’ll just give him the can opener…

  18. I used to be a messenger, so I could definitely use a snazzy new messenger bag!

  19. I have never seen this show so it would be nice to get to see it from my new shiny Suits DVD while stuffing camera stuff into my new messenger bag! :)

  20. Who COULDN’T use a few more magnets to place on the refrigerator, am I right?!?! Thank you Clique Clack!

  21. I have to say that SUITS is one of my all time favorite shows, and I’ve introduced a lot of my favorite friends to the series! I gotta say I love love loooove Donna’s clever quips, I’m seeing a lot more of her as well! Huge SUITS fan, so glad its back!

  22. Suits is my favorite shows because of the wit and humor!

  23. I could definitely use everything in this gift set. The messenger bag would be totally useful for carrying all my things between classes!