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The human side to Psych’s Carlton Lassiter


With the season three finale of Psych coming up tonight, I just wanted to touch upon something that happened in last week’s episode that I thought was one of the highlights of the series.

First, let me say that last week’s Psych was one of the best of the season. A tribute to the Friday the 13th movie series (and, most likely, an indirect plug for the remake), they really indulged in the horror genre without getting to silly. In fact, it was probably one of the only times I saw Shawn so serious in trying to solve a mystery.  Add to that the menacing tone of the music and the setting and I was on the edge of my seat most of the night.

Because the main plot was so interesting, what may have been lost is the romantic subplot for Detective Carlton Lassiter. Continuing the serious tone of the episode, Lassie’s reunion with his ex-wife featured a human side of the officer that we rarely see.

While Lassiter thought that the “date” with Victoria was going to be a reconciliation, it turned out to be her way of getting him to sign the divorce papers. The writers of Psych could have taken this far into Lassieland and made Carlton’s response over the top. Luckily, they didn’t. Not just because a silly moment would have thrown off the tone of the episode, but because it was a turning point for Lassie. Since the series began, Carlton has pined for Victoria. With this final notice he’s now free to live his own life, just like he said at the restaurant.

Then again, he may have pulled a Ross Geller and not signed the divorce papers, keeping him technically married. This would be more the Carlton that we know and love. If this were the case, then there is a chance we would see more of Victoria. And that wouldn’t be too bad, since she’s being played by Justine Bateman.

So, in conclusion, if this was the last nail in his marriage, Carlton showed great restraint and one of the most human moments he’s had in the series. If he was just faking, then I’ll be interested to see how he avoids doesn’t get his balls handed to him by Victoria.

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One Response to “The human side to Psych’s Carlton Lassiter”

February 21, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Great site. Nice to see someone else like Psych too. I have a question that maybe you can answer. During the intro for Psych there is a clip of Shawn in a black leather jacket lifting up a camera. What show is this paying homage to? I think it’s MacGyver but I can’t find the clip anywhere. I’m thinking it was one of the later seasons.