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American Idol – something for everyone

danny-gokeyToday’s Guest-clacker is Michael Noble, a married native Southern California family man.  He is alive and well, and spouts off more often than he should and is currently embroiled in a Project 365 photo blog.

Ain’t it a kick how everyone has their own little quirks and kinks about this show?

“He’s darling.”

“She can’t sing to save her life.”

“He’s icky.”

“She has to win … and it’s a crime if she doesn’t!”

“Why does Simon flatten his hair and part it down the middle like that anyway? I love his “way,” but he looks like such a goober!”

You see: That’s the draw of American Idol. There’s something in it for everyone. If you like singing, well … there it is. If you can’t stand the singing, there’s the drama. What? No drama? How ’bout the comedy — intentional and otherwise? Whazat? Comedy not your thing? Well, there’s always the gaffs and boners that inevitably get tossed out with unassuming glee by Seacrest and Company.

But it comes down to the fact it is a singing competition (though … there are nights we wonder about that) …. and with Most Popular Downloads being the theme of the week, let’s get an oh-so-dismal episode under our belts:

Anoop Desai
An Usher tune? Ugh. Off key. Poser-ish. Glum. And the brown-striped Charlie-Brown-meets-Michael-Jackson ensemble was a Simpsons parody at its best. It did, however, distract me from the singing … if you can call it that. Anoop disappointed tonight. But his signature fiestiness was still in evidence.

Megan “Inky” Joy

Okay. Here’s what I’ve said all along: Chicks with tattoos on Idol don’t win. They don’t last long, either. That being said, the one thing I really do like about Inky is the fact she apes Katharine Whalen of Squirrel Nut Zippers with her almost old fashioned singing style. And that’s the best thing I can say about Inky trying to pull off Bob Marley. snoozefest-a-rooni, lower case for certain. *yawn*

Danny “The Gokester” Gokey
I’ve said it before: The dude can sing anything. Give him a washing machine instruction manual and he could put a tune to it. Period.

But modern country ala Rascal Flatts? Really … ?!? And — while not fantastical by any stretch — The Gokester pulled it off. Nope, he’s not the most dynamic personality this season, but he’s been solid for the most part, week after week.

Allison “Red” Iraheta
Was there a song Red could’ve picked that would have been tailored any more for her? The one thing she does is put it inside her and then she lets it all out. She strained for the first time in recent memory with this performance, but her foibles beat out some of the others’ best efforts. She’ll probably make the Top Three, but she won’t win. Her inexperience will be her undoing at some point.

Scott MacIntyre
Y’know, Scottie doesn’t sing as well as I originally thought. His last two performances didn’t do him any justice. His Billy Joel rendition bolstered him back up a bit in the standings, but he’s not long for the competition. Spiffy effort, heartfelt. And I would like to believe I’m wrong about Scott and his ever-shorter stay on the show.

Matt Giraud
Matt, you were right. You needed a powerful song after your previous efforts. And you found it. Too bad it overpowered you. And what was with the mini groupie encirclement whilst you were see-sawing between the keyboard and your voice? Between the song, the keys and the people surrounding you, it’s a wonder you even finished your minute and a half. I think I heard a *thunk* right in the middle of that mess.

Lil Rounds

Lil hasn’t done anything for me since the Hollywood rounds. It’s been all downhill for her since then. And this was a stinkfest. Disney could use this performance if they ever need to revamp some of the eerie wails in the Haunted Mansion attraction. Move over, Hitch-Hiking Ghosts.

Adam “Screaming Mimi” Lambert
Look. I don’t believe Adam’s gonna win this thing in the least. He tries too hard. He shrieks most of his songs. And he doesn’t embody an “American Idol,” I don’t care what anyone says. Thing is, though, I found myself doing everything I could possibly do to find something not to like about his performance last week. But I couldn’t … I just couldn’t.

Thankfully, he was “back in form” this week. Ghastly! This one wasn’t anywhere near his “Ring Of Fire” catastrophe. (Seriously, Adam: Johnny rose from the dead right in the middle of that performance and he’s looking for you at this very moment.) But let me tell you (in the best intentions of “Play That Funky Music”): I laid down. And not with the Boogie, either. But, inside, I think I did die a little. I pictured George Clinton from Parliament Funkadelic coming off stage and pummeling him with Ryan Seacrest.

And the thing is: Everyone loved him! The judges have finally imploded, it seems.

Kris Allen
In comparison to Adam, you want to hear a voice behind a good song? Well here it is in Kris Allen. He mixed it up and made it his own. And it weren’t too shabby, Bobo. I felt that one, right down to the huffs and puffs breathed into his microphone.

The results show should be fun. Especially if Kara comes out even paler.

P.S. And what in the world?!? Paula’s face was dripping! And it was pulling her hair right along with it, too! Really! Go back and take a gander! *Zounds!* She was fantastic … !!!

Photo Credit: gambling911

13 Responses to “American Idol – something for everyone”

April 1, 2009 at 1:51 PM

nice wrap-up. look, i don’t like adam lambert, but if others do that’s fine by me. but for paula abdul to put him in the category of mick jagger and steven tyler based on his performance last nite is outright criminal. i know she’s a moron, but that takes a lot of balls to make a claim like that.

exaggerated praise is part of abdul’s shtick, but part of the problem with this show is telling these up-and-comers how they’re ‘marvelous talents’ and ‘genius performers’ and so on.

if it’s stevie wonder, fine. or ray charles. or nina simone. but some of the contestants are mediocre at best. propping them up like some mega talent superstar is silly.

paula abdul makes a lot of money acting like a over-medicated fool. good for her. but if she really thinks adam lambert is in the class with mick jagger and steven tyler, then she’s a bigger idiot than i thought.

April 1, 2009 at 2:09 PM

Let’s face it. outside of a miracle happening tonight, Megan is going home. I don’t want her too, but she was just bad last night.
I’d really like to see Lil go because she is so boring. Or Adam go because I’m not a fan of his musical theater, and no matter what Crazy McCrazy says, he’s not Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler.

April 1, 2009 at 2:09 PM

Megan still needs to leave.

April 2, 2009 at 5:27 AM

Hey, different strokes for different folks. I happen to like Adam Lambert with all of his screaming included. Don’t be too sure that he won’t win. If not him, I’ll settle for Allison and after his last performance, I’ll be keeping an eye on Kris. The rest of them bore me to tears, the Gokester included.

April 2, 2009 at 12:38 PM

Last night watching “Ga Ga” perform she made Adam look like a member of the Tabernacle choir. What the heck was that all about? In so saying, me likes Adam. I remember the day when when the Stones hit the air waves and my parents went ballistic saying…that ain’t music and listening to them was outlawed in our house. Adam is just a different genre of music. You like or you don’t like.

April 2, 2009 at 12:53 PM

You know how I feel about Adam. I like his style. Color me a weirdo. I’ve always been diggin’ his shtick. I don’t think Paula should be comparing any of these amateurs to seasoned professionals. It’s just ludicrous. However, this is Paula “what’s in that cup?” Abdul I’m talking about.

Kris “Freddie Prinz Jr Jr” Allen shocked me. I hope he keeps building the momentum he finally found this week.

I’m the worst Idol prognosticator ever. I picked Michael Johns to win last year and look what happened?
Rest assured, should Danny, Adam, or Allison get ousted, the judges will use that get out of doinking free card.

Oh, Sandyeggo, I couldn’t agree more. I’d like to blame my age for not getting that shlock Lady Ga-ga was doing. Yuck!

April 2, 2009 at 1:04 PM

In my best Jack Palance voice…”Believe It or Not!” There are no favorites for me this season, I’m writing on a completely unbiased platform. Although I personally enjoyed Adam’s performance this week, there is no comparison to listening and watching Taylor Hicks lay on his back belt out those same last notes. Now THAT was entertainment!!

April 2, 2009 at 1:16 PM

First, I LOVE Adam Lambert.Have NEVER liked the Rockers but this one is the exception.I think he can sing ANYTHING and has a beautiful voice. I also like Allison and would LOVE to see her in the finale with Adam.The others, including Danny, are all talented without a doubt, but do NOT appeal to me at all.Idol really does has something for everyone.

April 2, 2009 at 1:39 PM

“Screaming Mimi” is correct! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Nope, I’m not a fan Adam either. Will admit, last weeks performance was good. He should keep it toned down but unfortunately he craves his drama. His theatrical experience shines through week by week. Ugh!

Allison is the only one that is holding my interest this year but I don’t think she is gaining any popularity votes. Of course, the judges harsh critiques don’t help much either. I am just glad to get to see her perform for another week.

Danny and Kris did good this week but I’ve yet to see the WOW factor.

As for the remaining contestants.. What are their names again?? *yawn*

Thanks for the invite. I enjoyed reading your views. I found myself chuckling all the way through it. I never knew how much I missed your blogs.

Take care.

April 2, 2009 at 10:29 PM

Good job!

All I’ve noticed this year is hair. No voices, just hair.

Thank you for commenting on Simon’s hair, I’ve wondered the same. Odd, very odd.

The hairstylist got hold of Alison’s locks and spiked it up. I liked it, got to ask my hair gal if mine will stand up like that.

Adam was channeling Elvis or Kurt Russell, take your pick.
Or was that last week?

Scott’s do was just wrong. Can’t put my finger on it, but I know wrong when I see it.

April 6, 2009 at 9:22 PM

I have no clear fav o rite either.

Early on it was Danny, then Adam, then Alison, etc.
The only one I’ve never really cared for of the top 12 was Megan Joy, saw her on Regis & Kelly this AM…and I STILL don’t get her.

I think the winner will be a serious crap shoot this year.

With school and all, I’m just not as into AI as I have been….don’t get me wrong, I watch, it’s just that I just don’t have the fire I’ve had in the past, in fact at the moment I’m not even sure if I care when and where the tour will be here. I guess apathy has come to visit my house recently. Getting the link to this post has made me feel ever SO MUCH better :)

Nice to see a few familiar faces here :)

XOXOXOXO-Miss Diva Beth :)

April 8, 2009 at 5:24 PM

Hey – Look what crawled out from under a rock!

I was thinking the same thing about Adam. He surprises me more and more each week. From the git-go he has appeared to be full of himself and just a little too self assured. Strutting around like he’s got this in the bag. And then he goes and impresses me. (I’m writing this after the birthday performances. Thank goodness I saw it because my DVR didn’t) I really liked him. And dare I say, he seems to have a smidgen of humility.

It’s nice to read a review with an attitude.

April 10, 2009 at 4:53 AM

Are you famous now?

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