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Psych quotes – Gus brings Johnny Utah slurs, Phantom Rigbys, and blueberries to the table

My inability to choose forces me to pull the quotes into another post. How many 'Point Break'/'Fast and Furious' references did you count? What are your favorite quotables? Are the writers still kickass?

During my Psych set visit the head writer and actors revealed that the writing staff contained very little turnover (contrary to most shows that hit season 5), yet they continue to find new things for the characters while still maintaining a high energy level. I continue to find astonishment in the numerous cultural references in the Shawn/Gus wordplay. Even when they’re small, like pop tart bites (or the 38 Special allusion, which I had not heard of before), they’re still tasty. Although I missed a few of my favorites at the 5:20, 8:35, 12:50, 13:40,  15:35, 17:17, 17:50, 24:00, 31:30, and 32:00 minute marks (which, if I typed, would almost lead to my transcribing the entire show), what are your favorites?

While I was on site, I figured out why I tend to have difficulty catching Shawn’s lines. You’ll notice I flubbed one (or two). Unlike Timothy Omundson, both James Roday and Dule Hill tend to speak a little quietly. I don’t know if that’s due to the mikes, or something else entirely.

On a side note, notice the brown coats Roday and Hill rock in the above picture. I loved Vancouver’s downtown area. But during my visit the weather felt like a rainy, drizzly 60 degrees F (while the North East sweltered in 80-90 degree F humidity).

Anywho, read below and let me know what your doll-collecting 38 Torch “azzez” liked the most.

Lassiter: I don’t collect dolls.
Paget: You look like the kind of guy who does.

Lassiter: I think you’re hiding something.
Paget: Maybe I just have that kind of face.

Shawn: We’re looking for some street racing action.
Gus (to Gina): Or any kind of action.

Gus: Dude, she’s lying.
Shawn: I know. There’s no “Z” in asses.

Shawn: I gotta protect my rep.
Gus: You don’t have a rep.
Shawn: I’m building it, dude.

Gus: I won’t forgive you for this.
Shawn: Thank you.
Gus: I said I won’t forgive you.

Shawn: We did it.
Gus: He beat us, Shawn.
Shawn: By so much less than I thought he would.

Lassiter (in response to Shawn’s request): I’m not gonna hit you in the face.
Shawn: Ronald Reagan was a terrible president.

Shawn: I almost made out with a woman named Mary Armstrong?
Gus: You weren’t about to make out with anybody.

Shawn (in a nice bit of writing calling out the formula): It never works out the way it should. It’s not our process. Our process is messy … haphazard. I don’t buy it….
Gus: Well, you’re not gonna get it for free.

Gus (referencing Shawn’s monologue about Gina): Don’t you mean Mary?
Shawn: No. She’ll always be Gina to me.

Shawn: Gus, don’t be the second drummer from 38th Special.

Shawn: We’re experienced street racers who are also interested in flatulence. I’m sorry, stamp collecting.

Shawn: I race hard. You race hard. You’re an awesome key flipper. I can play … “Sea of Love” on the recorder. He has that head.

Tommy: You guys have a lot of balls.
Shawn: Four, and a phantom one I call Rigby.

Tommy: I thought you guys were all talk.
Gus: We are all talk.

Gus: Dude, did you make a chain out of paper clips?
Shawn: Gus, I didn’t have a lot of time. What I had was office supplies.

Shawn (again referencing a formula flip): Why is everyone suddenly breaking down this case but me?

Gus: You’ve gone all Point Break.
Shawn: That’s just nuts.
Gus: Is it, Johnny Utah?
Shawn: Don’t you dare use that name as a slur.

Shawn: I don’t have to stand for this. Give me your keys so I can storm out of here.

Shawn (to Tommy): You almost bamboozled me with your incredible awesomeness.
Gus: Almost?
Shawn: Sorry, dude, I will never doubt you again.
Gus: Now, who’s the liar?
Shawn: Touche.

Tommy: Guys at impound must not have been paying attention.
Shawn: No, they were until I busted out the Rice Krispies treats — it’s like fly paper.

Shawn: It’s not the kamikaze — it’s CK1.

Gus (in response to Lassiter asking what he brings to the table — again an instance of mocking the formula): OK, Lassie, things Gus brings to the table: 1) the blueberry; 2) the super-sniffer; 3) a positive working attitude….

Shawn: You have the kamikaze in you and I can smell it a mile away.
Jules: That’s disgusting.

Photo Credit: USA Network

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