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Firefly or Serenity: Which is better?

Brett and Debbie face off and debate the merits of 'Firefly' and 'Serenity.'


Firefly was an interesting journey for me. When I first watched the series, I liked it, but I didn’t get what was so amazing about it. Neither cowboys or sci-fi really interested me and I found it just a bit … boring. Then I saw Serenity, in the actual movie theater, which is in and of itself a small miracle. I adored the film from start to finish and I looked at it as a great movie based on a mediocre TV series, and I applauded Joss for what he was able to do.

Here’s the weird part: I went back and re-watched Firefly after I saw Serenity, and I loved it. Everything that I found boring I now found fascinating and well-written and compelling. I loved the slow burn, the development of the characters and their interaction with each other. I realized that Serenity could never have been so good if the groundwork hadn’t been laid with the series. I was able to appreciate the series more in every way because of the movie, which made me love the movie even more.

I know you feel a bit differently about it, so what’s your point of view?

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