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America’s Got Talent – Leonid The Magnificent is back!

He's back! After failing to wow the judges during his seasons 1 and 2 auditions, Leonid the Magnificent took a break from entertainment. However, he missed the stage so much that he came back and decided to audition for 'AGT' again. Was he magnificent enough this time to get a yes for Vegas?

- Season 6, Episode 8 - "New York, Part 2"

Some of the acts not going through:

  • Admit it, thanks to $andy Kane, you’ll be stuck with the tune “I love Nick, I love Nick, he is the ice cream, I love to lick!” Rewatch her sexy performance with Nick in the video clip below.
  • We didn’t see much of the Zombie Apocalypse but it seemed all over the place and didn’t make sense. Didn’t they audition before? If not, I recall some type of similar act from past seasons.
  • When there is a baby around, it becomes the center of attention, no? Well, Satori Circus proved that wrong as everyone wanted him off the stage asap.
  • 75-year-old Ed Cole didn’t show much talent but he sure does look in shape for that age!

The Worst of the Worst: I cannot believe that no one Xed Rak and Tak. They were some of the worst singers we’ve ever seen on the show! Not only did they not get Xed, but they actually got a “Yes to Vegas” from Piers of all people! Their performance was a nightmare! Tak claims that she is a better singer than a doctor. If that is accurate, I wouldn’t want to be one of her patients. See for yourself in the clip below. (By the way, they sang Heart’s “Alone” but it was the Celine Dion arrangement of the song.)

Some of the acts going through:

  • The fun and colorful dancers from the Sally Gould Dancers troupe are going to Vegas.
  • Dylan Andre, a 19-year-old singer, got the judges to say yes to him thanks to his raw talent. Yet another singer who closes his eyes while singing.
  • Shemika Charles impressed the crowd by doing limbo under a bar set on fire! It was impressive but not a Vegas headliner type of act. She holds the world record for lowest limbo by a woman.
  • 26-year-old Rachel Zamstein rocked the house with a laid back singing performance. She almost didn’t get to go to Vegas as Howie voted no since he thought that she held back and that this was not the right venue for her. Luckily for Rachel, Piers and Sharon recognized the potential of this young singer. She’ll need to wow Howie next time if she wants to move on further in the competition.

  • He’s back!!!! Leonid The Magnificent is back! Leonid first auditioned during season 1 of the show where he failed to wow the crowd and judges (it was a rather terrible audition). He came back in season 2 to audition again and was sent packing. Surprisingly, third time was the charm. As much as I would have preferred to see Leonid not go through again this season, I have to admit that his “Quick Change” act was impressive — especially when he changed while confettis were thrown on him — even though his singing was far from being great. Even his lovely assistants changed outfits during the performance. Since the magic trick part of the act was well done, he got Sharon’s and Howie’s vote for Vegas. Piers, who is the sole judge who saw Leonid perform live during his previous auditions, decided to vote no again this year.

The “I Can’t Believe this Act is Going to Vegas” act: 32-year-old Sam B. may have personality and dance moves that are great for clubbing with the girls all weekend, but his performance was too repetitive and not original enough to deserve a pass. Heck, even Boy Shakira did better than Sam B. did as Boy Shakira at least had a setting for his acts. But since the crowd had fun and because it was somewhat amusing to watch him dance around, he got not one but three big yes!!!

The Show Stealer: Narcissister act was not the best ever but you have to admit that you’ll talk about it at the watercooler and send the link to the YouTube video below to your friends so they see this extremely unique performance themselves. It was a well executed routine that was intriguing and entertaining enough to get all judges to vote her through to the next round. See for yourself below!

The Best of the Best: No act wowed me this time around. But I have to admit that the Smage Bros. Riding Shows came close! They performed a rather risky and impressive motorcycle routine with some impressive tricks. Nick was happy that he wasn’t asked to participate this time around. However, since the Smage Bros. were voted through, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nick is pulled in during their next performance on the show. We’ve seen acts be performed outside before on AGT, which would be great for the brothers so that they show their skills in a larger than life setting rather than on a small stage.

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