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Big Brother – Cows in space, nominations and spoilers!

It's a night of firsts - the first Haves and Have-Nots competition and the first Nomination Ceremony? Who is on the block? And what does the rest of the week hold? We've got some juicy spoilers (safely tucked at the bottom of the post)!

- Season 13, Episode 2 - "The nomination ceremony takes place"

Rachel prepares for the nomination ceremony

Please take note — this post will cover aspects of Sunday’s episode, but there will also be spoilers based on what’s been happening on the 24-hour feeds and on Big Brother After Dark.  The spoilers will follow the main part of the post.

As of Sunday’s show, the HGs have been in the Big Brother house since July 2nd, and a lot has happened since the show premiered last Thursday. For the moment, let’s focus on the aftermath of the HoH competition which was won by Rachel (with Brendon also benefiting). It’s clear that there is already a divide in the house between newbies and veterans, with the new HGs outnumbering the vets 8 – 6. Evel Dick knows they need numbers, and he made some interesting choices to woo to the “dark side.” I can understand Dick’s reasoning on Adam — who so far has annoyed the heck out of me with his DR sessions and his rocker screams — but I’m not sure what he saw in Porsche. The question is: why would any of the newbies even consider jumping ship?  They have the numbers.

Unfortunately, Dick misjudged Porsche’s intelligence and didn’t quite explain that the offer he made was only for her and not her team mate Keith, and her blabbing to Keith has put her in trouble with a new alliance that has formed: The Regulators (seriously) — Dominic, Keith, Lawon and Cassi. Not quite the “Angels” Keith was hoping for, but at least he has an alliance. And now that Keith and Porsche find themselves on the block, who has the numbers to stay in the game? I think Porsche revealed that she’s not the sharpest tool in the box (again) by being upset about the nomination because if Rachel keeps her safe, she gets a free ride for the next few weeks. She should have seen the “golden” opportunity coming her way. But more on that in the spoilers below.

This week also saw the first Haves and Have-Nots competition which consisted of the HGs dressing as cows (on the moon!), soaking up milk and having a milkman squeeze the milk out of their foam costumes into six jugs. Out of the three teams playing, the vets won handily followed by Keith’s team. The last place team of Kalia, Lawon, Shelly and Cassi now have to take cold showers, eat slop and sleep in a very well-lit room that looks like a padded cell in an asylum. For a week. Watching the live feeds, the Have-Nots have taken to sleeping with blankets pulled completely over their heads due to the intense, 24-hour lighting.

Besides the competition and the nomination ceremony, there were some pretty amusing quotes as well:

“I felt like Charlie in the Willy Wonka chocolate factory!” — Lawon upon learning of the Big Brother Golden Key

“If we were playing Big Brother in real life all the time, we’d have a fine relationship.” — Dick on his tense real-life relationship with Daniele

“Anytime anyone comes out of the Diary Room, “Wanna see my HoH?”, I don’t care if it’s Rachel, I don’t care if it’s Jesus Christ … I could really give a [bleep].” — Dick

“How do my teeth look?” — Rachel
“Perfect. God knows, you paid enough for them.” — Brendon, Rachel’s fiancé

“I’m on the orange team with Shelly, Cassi and Lawon, so basically I’m on a team full of girls. [ding]” — Kalia before the competion, with an assist from the sound effects department

“What is this? Space Milk Mountain?” — Lawon after seeing the set for the challenge



  • If you haven’t heard already, the HG leaving the house is Evel Dick. Viewers noticed him gone Thursday on BB After Dark and CBS actually issued a press release that he had to leave for personal reasons that did not involve anyone Daniele knows. Still not sure why he left — rumors say it involved a health emergency or that he was disqualified for posting a video revealing his participation in the show (but that was posted after the show aired, so that’s unlikely) — but Dick says he will post a video after Wednesday’s show to clarify the situation.
  • Dick’s unexpected departure resulted in Daniele getting a Golden Key. How this affects the Eviction Ceremony this week is not known but the whole situation completely screws up the vets’ game because now they’re down to five, and Dani and Rachel are ineligible to compete in the next HoH. If there’s no eviction, that will make it 8 – 3 in the competition, and even if there is an eviction, it will still be 6 – 3 in favor of the newbies. It’s going to be very interesting.
  • Porsche could find her alliance of veterans turning on her because Rachel has found out that she’s been telling the new HGs pretty much everything Rachel says. It will come down to how persuasive Keith and his alliance is with their respective team mates, painting Porsche as a traitor because after the PoV competition (which Brendon won), the nominations have not changed. Knowing that Porsche has betrayed both of her alliances already, that Golden Key Rachel promised her could be going to Keith. Who do you keep? The blabbermouth or an obviously strong competitor?
Photo Credit: CBS

4 Responses to “Big Brother – Cows in space, nominations and spoilers!”

July 11, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Personally I’d keep Porsche and ditch Keith. A “blabbermouth” is always great, feed them false info to get spread, etc…. Strong competitor’s, once kept, have a way of being hard to get rid of when you want or need to…

July 11, 2011 at 1:27 PM

See, that’s what happens when you think logically! Despite Rachel’s decision to not play an emotional game, I can tell you that she’s already gone over that edge from learning of Porsche’s blabbermouth. Apparently some other plans were discussed with her, and she ran back and told one of the other girls (Cassi, maybe) everything Rachel said. The damage may have been done by this point.

July 11, 2011 at 3:50 PM

So is Dick gone for good, or is there a chance he’ll come back? Do we know yet? I figured he was going to run this game. Not sure what’ll happen now. This cast is fairly lame from what I can see… no one to really root for just yet, at least for me. Just a bunch of over-the-top characters. Two seasons ago was fun, since we had Dan to give the viewer a sane person to side with, and he ended up winning.

July 11, 2011 at 4:19 PM

No, once you’re gone, you’re gone. Dick, of course, has a website and he is supposed to post another video with some explanation after Wednesday’s show has aired. It’s a shame, because I was hoping for more antics to stir things up. Adam thinks he’s Dick, but he’s just a pale (very pale) imitation. There are a few I like, but we’ll see how they start behaving after the first eviction.

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