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Futurama – Mr. Peppy, the vegetarian bone vampire

This week's episode of 'Futurama' is just like 'My Dog Skip'. Well, if Skip killed sheep by sucking out their bones, but besides THAT ...

- Season 6, Episode 22 - "Fry am the Egg Man"

Considering the first episode focusing on Fry having a pet was one of the most moving and heart-breaking episodes of the series (not to mention his relationship with Leelu in Bender’s Last Score made me cry), you’d think another episode with Fry bonding with an animal would be a tearjerker, too. “Fry am the Egg Man” just didn’t have the emotion behind it; the plot is a very overused trope, without bringing the great Futurama twist to it. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t special.

That’s not to say the episode was boring. The jokes were really funny, and what they did with the Scottish planet folk and their whiskey-filled aquariums was fun. The digs at both the fast food industry and farmer’s markets were very entertaining (what, you don’t like sun-dried mayo?). It’s also in the first act that we get to see Fishy Joe’s and the Amazonians return, too. The writers need to copyright the word “scare-roused.”

Something I did not like about this episode is that Leela made it clear her relationship with Fry is platonic. I thought we were done with this, writers! I understand not getting them together completely, but don’t throw them back in the friend zone. I want to believe that they did this just because this episode needed her to be interested in the monster killer, but they better not keep it this way.

Despite the Fry/Leela thing (and I mean it, I will be mad if they’re really taking two steps back), it was an OK episode. There certainly have been better episodes than this, and they could have done something really clever with Fry and Mr. Peppy. Still, the pacing gave the jokes plenty of time to work their magic, and I did laugh a lot. The couple montages actually really amp up the funny. There are only four episodes left in the season, so I hope they’ll be bringing out the big guns for the end.

All the best quotes:

“The one bright spot in your life!” – title card

“So, who’s hungry?’ – Bender
“I could stuff myself.” – Fry
“I’ll use that free app that tells you what restaurants you’re near.” – Leela
“You mean the window?” – Fry
“… yes.” – Leela

“Fishy Joe’s: Come for the food, then get the hell out!” – Fishy Joe’s’ catchphrase

“Give me the fried spaghetti dinner breakfast pocket for lunch and … a big bucket of mixed sodas.” – Bender
“One kids meal, got it.” – Fishy Joe’s employee

“There’s nothing wrong with a little fast food once or twice a meal!” – Fry

“That’s the kind of sap I like!” – Fry, tasting the maple syrup
You’re the kind of sap I like.” – Amazonian
“I’m scare-roused!” – Fry

“Zoidberg, you’re an inhuman monster!” – Fry
“What are you, my driver’s license?” – Zoidberg

“You can’t sit on something for a week without falling in love with it!” – Fry, about his egg

“Relax, you babies. It’s no different from stomping a puppy.” – Leela, on killing Fry’s new pet

“Look, I know he’s ugly and kind of corrosive, but we can’t murder someone just cause he’s hideous and annoying.” – Fry
“That’s what we said about Zoidberg, and look where that got us!” – Amy
“Amy has a point.” – Zoidberg

“Peppy’s not like Zoidberg … he’s my friend.” – Fry
“Awww.” – Zoidberg

“Good startling news, everyone!” – Professor

“The bad news, everyone, is the beast reproduces asexually. A single bone vampire, left alone with some quiet music and some bone vampire porn, could produce dozens of deadly offspring.” – Professor
“That lucky bastard … I say kill it!” – Zoidberg
“But it loves me, and I love it.” – Fry
“Kill them both!” – Zoidberg

“That thing doesn’t have emotions, Fry. Its brain is the size of a walnut.” – Hermes
“So are walnuts, and they’re delicious!” – Fry

“We’re not from around here … hello!” – Zoidberg, to the hostile bar-folk

“Lang-a-muir-a-gryfinndor-slytherin-hufflepuff! It killed little Angus!” – Random Space-Scot also named Angus

“Leela, I have no choice. I can’t let my monstrous deboner get anywhere near you.” – Fry, about Mr. Peppy

“Mr. Peppy’s a lover, not a fighter — like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ ‘The Tooth Fairy’ Johnson!” – Fry

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